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Every Premier League home shirt ranked

Saturday 29th July 2017
Finally!  What you have all been waiting for: a definitive ranking of next season's Premier League home strips. 

20th - Everton 

So, so boring. This kit belongs to the 1970s. One wonders how someone was actually commissioned to design this shirt. A woeful effort from Umbro.

19th - Leicester City

Where is the imagination? Puma has tried to inject a bit of life into this strip with the faded marks adorning the sleeves and shorts, but it achieves nothing.

18th - Burnley

Puma's creative geniuses have essentially drawn up the same kit design for Burnley, with the colours the only difference. Burnley's ranks higher than the Foxes because the maroon is slightly more striking - even that is not a Puma design, but simply the colours of the club.

17th - Huddersfield

This design will have the hipster's salivating but Puma's attempt to return to a vintage look fails to make the grade.

16th - Bournemouth

A noble effort at simplicity from Umbro, although perhaps too simple. There is nothing much going on with this strip. It will not have excited many Cherries' fans.

15th - Newcastle

Puma has not done very well this year. The elegance of the stripes afford the kit some salvage but Puma's insistence on including a buttoned collar for their shirts is bizarre. It looks childish.

14th - Stoke

The blue and white trim around the collar is a nice touch but this kit's status quo reflects the Potters on pitch stagnancy. Mark Hughes' side is reluctant to drastically change, comfortable in its mediocrity.

13th - Manchester United

One would think that for a club United's size, whose kit sales reach the millions, Adidas would be able to churn out a half-decent kit. Again, with the buttoned collars. Is this a thing? It should so not be a thing.

12th - West Ham United

A sleek design that succeeds in its endeavour for simplicity. For once, a nice effort from Umbro that  should sell well.

11th -Arsenal

It was tempting to place Arsenal fourth to give the #WengerOut mob some stick but the Gunners' kit simply did not deserve it. A decent enough design, with nice white trims, but the buttoned collar (!) once again lets us down.

10th - Swansea

Jome has done alright. This is a plain, yet stylish design that complements the understated yet effective nature of Swansea's play.

9th - Manchester City

A certain nonchalance exudes from the City strip. It has a classy simplicity that escapes the clutches of 'boring'.

8th - Crystal Palace

A delicate design with flutters of yellow paying homage to the red and blue's boldness, a subtle effort from Macron that Donald Trump might say "looks in such good shape."

7th - Chelsea

All blue is ostensibly boring but the white socks are striking. In motion, this kit is delightful.

6th - West Brom

A smart and simple strip from Adidas. Were it not for the vulgar advertisement, this kit would be top five.

5th - Watford

Adidas chose the same template for the Hornets but the eye-catching yellow and less jarring sponsor font tops the Baggies.

4th - Spurs

It won't win any awards for innovation, yet Nike has produced a stylish kit that looks good anywhere. The slick white base combined with double stripped blue collar is a subtle, effective combination.

3rd - Brighton

An extremely nice kit to coincide with their Premier League return. The gold trim complements the blue and white stripes. This is a timeless style.

2nd - Southampton

A lovely splash of red, white and black, organised into a broad, coherently structured style. Southampton's kit is delightful.

1st - Liverpool

Topping the table is something Liverpool fans have not seen their club manage in a long, long time. New Balance has created a genuinely beautiful kit with a vintage feel, but still infused with modern elements.
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