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FA take no further action on Jose Mourinho sending off, and rightfully so!

Tuesday 26th September 2017
Manchester United continued their strong start to the season with yet another win, this time a hard-fought 1-0 victory away at Southampton after weathering a second-half very much dominated by the home side. In a rather baffling turn of events, however, Jose Mourinho was sent to the stands in stoppage time.

Manchester United seem to be an improved outfit this campaign. Much more potent in attack, stronger in defence and all round a better team. This is reflected well in being second only on goal difference after 6 games. The mood in the United camp has changed for the good it seems, however one thing still remains. Jose Mourinho is still having run-ins with the officials and being forced to watch at least a portion of his sides games from the stands. Now it has to be said that the Portuguese boss has form and has before now been sent to the stands for very understandable circumstances. Whether it be a supposed foul-mouthed rant at one of the officials or even one of the opposition. But, once again, Mourinho has been punished for something incredibly trivial.

Last year it was kicking a water bottle, this year stepping ever so slightly out of the technical area whilst motivating his players to get back and defend in the closing minutes of the game. As Southampton took a goal kick and looked to build an attack in the last remaining moments of a tight-knit fixture, Mourinho did what most managers would, he was fixed firmly on the edge of his technical area barking the order at his players to stay strong and ensure not to throw away three points. After his foot crept ever so slightly onto the pitch the fourth official, Mike Jones, called him back to which Mourinho obliged. That should have been that, however, Jones decided to call over referee Craig Pawson and send the Portuguese manager to the stands - much to Mourinho's bemusement.

Rules are rules and no coach or substitute player is allowed on the pitch during play. However to send someone off who has done so for the first time in a game right there right then is baffling. Would it happen to someone who doesn't have previous form? The real answer is no, probably not. It is Mourinho's past touchlines incidents that have seen him given his marching orders on this occasion. A case of officials wanting to make a song and dance over nothing perhaps? Either way, it was an appalling decision that just added unnecessary drama to what was a close-fought contest.

Going back to whether others would have been sent off, the likes of Jurgen Klopp and Antonio Conte are incredibly well known for their animation and exuberance on the touchline. To Send Mourinho to the stand for a slight step out of his technical area when you see the often pantomime like ways of his rival managers behave on the sideline is nothing short of embarrassing. Mourinho naturally won't lose sleep over the incident, but it does give him yet another situation that he's been involved in to add to his long list of reasons to feel aggrieved and hard done by when it comes to the officiating of his games.

Thankfully, for the good of future officials, no ban or fine has been instigated by the FA. The reason this is for the good of the officials? Because any disciplinary action on such a wrongful dismissal would then create a problem where there isn't one. Fourth officials and referees would then be expected to show consistency on the matter, and you would see a lot more managers in the Premier League sent to the stands for next to nothing which, let's be honest, sounds mind-numbingly tiresome.
Ryan Stewart

23 years old, Sport Journalism graduate living in Salford. Work in web content in Media city and always looking to break in to sports writing. Manchester United season ticket holder.

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