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Female Footy Fan Of The Week

Saturday 25th June 2011

I'm going to start with an easy question. Who do you support?

"Sheffield United."

Who is your favourite current player and why?

"Stephan Quinn. He might not be the best but he shows so much passion and always puts 110% in."

Who is your favourite past player from your era?

"Jamie Ward. He's gorgeous."

What are you earliest memories of football?

"Wearing a Newcastle shirt when I was little. Woops."

What was the 1st game you ever went to?

"I honestly can't remember."

What is the greatest game you have ever watched?

"Sheffield United v Leeds at home. We Beat them 2-0. We were fighting relegation and they were aiming for promotion. You would of thought it was the other way around though. Great atmosphere. I loved it."

What is your favourite part about match day?

"Probably just before the match starts on away days. Chanting with all your fans."

Who is the best looking footballer... in the world?

"There's a lot! I like David Beckham, Frank Lampard, Jamie Ward and Harry Maguire!"

And finally... What have you got to say to people that say football is a man's environment and girls just don't belong?

"I hate it when boys say 'get back to the kitchen' everyone can like football as its best thing created:') boys should appreciate us liking football and take us to games."
Robbie Meakin
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