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Female Footy Fan Of The Week - 3

Tuesday 5th July 2011

I'm going to start with an easy question. Who do you support?


Who is your favourite current player and why?

“That's a difficult one because I have quite a few. But I think I'll go for an obvious one - Chris O'Grady. He never seemed to make the mark at his previous clubs, but playing under Keith Hill he excelled and is probably one of our best players now. He's a powerful and determined forward but he's also good with his feet which is rare, and although he may not have the best goal scoring record, he's so much more than that to us. I'd also like to give a mention to Scott Wiseman, Jason Kennedy, Gary Jones and Marcus Holness too though.”

Who is your favourite past player from your era?

“Grant Holt without a doubt. He's an absolute legend in my eyes, but he's certainly one of those players you either love or hate. I love his cocky attitude, his intimidating presence and his never give up spirit, he's a real battler and a proper lower league footballer, although I guess he wouldn't be classed as one anymore!”

What are you earliest memories of football?

“One of my main memories is from about 7 years old... my older brother was a Man Utd fan and every weekend morning he would come to my bedroom and we'd spent hours writing profiles about every player, rating them out of 5 for various skills etc, I even wanted to be a football writer back then!”

What was the 1st game you ever went to?

“Oh god, I can't remember!”

What is the greatest game you have ever watched?

“Accrington V Rochdale in our promotion season. It was chucking it down and freezing, and we were packed onto their open away terrace, spilling over into the walkways and the sides. We went 2-0 down in the first half, we ended up beating them 2-4 and it was the perfect example of what we stand for as a club and fans. The atmosphere was amazing and we never let our heads drop. Kallum Higginbotham also scored a beauty of a goal - a volley from the halfway line.”

What is your favourite part about match day?

“It might sounds a bit sad but I love the atmosphere before the game, especially if it's a big one and last season was great for that. We're a friendly bunch of fans and love a bit of banter, so the pub beforehand is always a great idea, mixing with home and away fans.”

Who is the best looking footballer... in the world?

“David Villa for me, besotted with him!”

And finally... What have you got to say to people that say football is a man's environment and girls just don't belong?

“I've had my fair share of stick over the years from little comments to chants, but it really doesn't faze me. I'm lucky that Rochdale fans don't care if your male or female and it's great to see more and more girls at Spotland recently. I'm probably not your typical female football fan either, I wear fake tan, lots of make up and hair extensions, and I'll usually be seen touching up my lipgloss halfway through a match, so I probably don't help myself but I'm not going to change! Most people don't tend to believe me when I say I'm a football fan, let alone a Rochdale fan, and some people actually ask if I'm a WAG and that's why I go to football! I've always been interested in football thanks to having an older brother I think and I don't think I need to prove anything to anyone and I'm usually the one at my house putting the football on or Sky Sports News. If anything, I'm quite happy that there's still a bit of stigma around the issue because it gives my blog a bit of a different perspective!”
Robbie Meakin
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