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Champions League final: 5 key battles

Saturday 1st June 2019
Pochettino Klopp Champions League Final Ios Sean Lunt

By the time Tottenham and Liverpool face each other in tonight's Champions League final, plenty will have been said.

The players, managers, fans, experts and pundits will have all analysed the game to death. They will have looked at every possible angle to try and predict where or how the game will be won or lost for either side.

Games such as these, the real big ones, are often determined by small events. It is the big moments that create the memories, the wondrous overhead kicks, the volleys, the towering last minute headers etc., but those do not happen without small, overlooked moments leading up to them.

Those small moments are often found in personal battles on the pitch. Football may be a game comprised of two teams of 11, but it is determined by who can win their individual battles.

Which key battles will define this game? Let's analyse it to death.

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