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Football's Bad Days: A Reminder Of Past Incidents

Friday 24th February 2017
In football, all too often it can be a really bad day for a team, a player, a manager or all three at once. Losing a game is one thing and it's difficult to swallow but how about those days where there's absolutely nothing you can do about the defecation hitting the extraction? What about the worst days of footballer's lives?

Pepe Reina

Back in 2009, Sunderland were actually a fairly decent side and Liverpool were still going on about that game in Istanbul. They were halcyon days in the Premier League when you were still permitted to buy more unusual merchandise from the vendors and take it into the ground… you know where I'm going.

Pepe Reina's worst day in football came courtesy of a dodgy shot from Darren Bent and a beach ball emblazoned with the Liverpool crest; thusly:
What can you say? What can you do when that happens?! Celebrate like you've just scored a world class finish according to Darren Bent…

Ashley Young

Manchester United's opening game of the 2014/15 season saw Louis Van Gaal settling into his seat at Old Trafford as Swansea City rolled up to take on the sorry Red Devils who'd had their backsides whooped in the previous year courtesy of David Moyes' lacklustre managerial style.

As if losing the game 2-1 wasn't bad enough for Ashley Young and his team-mates; some kind of projectile landed in the winger's mouth. Young staunchly denies that it was bird poo (which it obviously was) but what else could it have been!?
Seriously, that is either a scarily accurate bird or Ashley Young is a liar, liar, pants on fire.

Gary Lineker

We all know where this is going; you don't need me to describe it but I suppose you want to see it…
Are you happy now? Can we stop talking about the sh*ttiest day in football or do we need to prolong Lineker's long-suffering agony?

This Seagull

It isn't always the players or the managers who have the worst days; sometimes it's the spectators who end up with the worst of the day – as evidenced by this poor, unsuspecting seagull that cops a wallop in the Australian FFA Cup final causing a stoppage in play.
Sydney FC ‘keeper, Danny Vukovic carried the injured party off the field and the bird was later reported to have recovered – bad day birdie!

Sir Alex Ferguson

Ah yes; the day that Fergie showed just how angry he can be – we have Mike Phelan to thank for this one and it will never, ever get old.
Thanks Mike, but I'm pretty certain you'd have been beaten to death if you'd done that again to his lordship, Sir Alex.

Pascal Dupraz

As a final reminder of football's bad days; I give you Toulouse manager: Pascal Dupraz. Quite an intimidating man, Dupraz couldn't do anything to prevent his side losing the game 1-0 nor could he react in time to protect himself from this ludicrous attack from the stands:
If that isn't a clear example of a manager having ‘one of those days' then quite frankly what is? Dupraz survived the attack, just so you know.
Kristian Webb
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