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Forget Sneijder, United already have better

Monday 15th August 2011
Watching United's victory over West Brom yesterday, I found myself thinking, why are they even bothering to chase Sneijder? They already have a perfect number 10 playing for them now who goes by the name of Wayne Rooney.

Rooney has everything in his locker to be the world's best 'number 10' he can drop deep, link up play with the midfield, feed of a striker, what more do you want? His goal yesterday was proof alone that he is as good as, if not better, than Sneijder would be in that role for United. He dropped deep, played a clever flick into the path of Ashley Young, turned and sprinted to catch up with play, recieved the ball back, turned and shot and it was in, quick as that. What more do you want?

I know somebody on this site has already written a piece saying United shouldn't be chasing Sneijder, if you click here you can read it. His answer was Tom Cleverly, a bit soon to be jumping up and down on that bandwagon, I also think he shows different qualities and is more a midfield man than a 'number 10'.

With Hernandez, Berbatov or Welbeck ahead of him upfront, Rooney can do all you could want from your 'number 10' if not more. He looks trim, fresh and young, follow his hair transplant and really does look like the Rooney of old that was missing from United's team for large parts of last season.


Sir Alex may think that Sneijder is the key to unlocking Barca's dominance in Europe, but I don't think that's true. (Not that I'm questioning Sir Alex's view of the game) I think United have lacked in the midfield and it's cost them against the likes of Xavi and Iniesta but there's no shame in that.

I'm sure Sir Alex would love Sneijder in his squad, who wouldn't? But if United do miss out on Sneijder they shouldn't worry too much. They have one of England's greatest talents and one of the worlds.
Dean Mears

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