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6 free agents Premier League clubs should sign  

Friday 14th September 2018

The European transfer window was slammed shut exactly two weeks ago. The Premier League wasn’t that tolerant. Teams were rushed off the market earlier than usual. Even with proceedings closed, some players could still move to England's top-tier. These are known as free agents. 

Finding a top club can sometimes be problematic, especially for those in their 30's. Yaya Toure is a case study. Despite eight trophy-laden years at Manchester City, the 35-year-old’s rich resume couldn’t get him another job in English football. The ordeal worsens for lesser-known players with lighter qualification.

It is true that a freebie can't guarantee genuine quality. But sometimes, it does. Certain talents have proven shrewd additions despite not commanding any outlay. Robert Lewandowski. Andre Pirlo. Jack Wilshere. All were at some point free agents, yet each added value to their new sides. 

As club action is set to reconvene this weekend, here are six free agents Premier League teams must consider. 

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Toby Prince

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