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13 worst 2019/20 Premier League decisions to date

Friday 13th September 2019
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Welcome to Friday the 13th, Premier League style. You might want to watch your step. Certainly, superstitious players and managers step lightly whenever this notoriously unlucky day rolls around. Worse, today is just the campaign's first Friday the 13th. Two more follow, one in December, the other in March. 

Of course, there is no hard proof that the 13th is a particularly bad day. Unfortunate events do happen but the brave and foolhardy will tell you it's all just an urban myth. For instance, there's no proof that a certain sportswear tycoon with the good sense to live next door to his wife woke up one morning, opened a carton of eggs to make a breakfast omelette, found eleven broken and decided to buy a football club.

Others are more cautious, however. Premier League managers are grateful this day falls at the end of an international break with players all returned safely to their clubs and, courtesy the jet lag, limited to a light walk-through before Saturday and Sunday's action.

That said, fate waits for no man. Several clubs and figures have already been visited by ill fortune with the season barely a month old, more often than not, maladies of the self-inflicted variety. In honour of the day, here are the 13 worse decisions from the Premier League's early doors.

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