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From Don Fabio to Del Boy – Euro 2012

Friday 10th February 2012
The English FA accepted the resignation of Fabio Capello this morning and officially announced that Stuart Pearce will take charge of the preparatory qualifier against Holland at Wembley this month.

Although Capello to all intents and purposes has walked, it appears clear that he's been pushed. He hinted to Italian media that he felt undermined by the FA's decision to take the issue of the captaincy into their own hands, stripping John Terry of the armband without his consultation.

The Italian manager has proven himself to be one of the best in the world at club level – unfortunately, his position as England manager became untenable. He had apparently lost the hearts and minds of the players despite guiding them to a comfortable qualification for Euro 2012.

Major bookmakers have suspended betting on Spurs boss Harry Redknapp succeeding Fabio – the romance of having a salt of the earth cockney at the helm has fevered the nation, and in the cold light of day Harry would find it testing to turn down.

With that said, Tottenham are flying high in the league and given the great work Redknapp and his team have done, he will be in no mood to damn the current campaign to failure. Joe Jordan may punch him, and that would benefit nobody.

Unfortunately, there is no other logical option. Of course other British managers could do it, Roy Hodgson to name one, but the players and fans want Harry so Harry they should have.

It may be possible for Redknapp to accept the role on a temporary basis and select an assistant to fulfil the day to day duties while he's busy breathing down the Manchester clubs necks with Bale and co at the Lane.

Ray Wilkins has a great rapport with the players and would act as an icy coolant to the fire of Harry and Pearce. If we're going to be all English about this, we may as well go the whole hog and appoint a whole chest of national treasures to whip our miscreant footballers into shape.

Unfortunately Glen Hoddle's previous dismissal for his damaging comments towards the disabled community will rule him out of a future role – especially as the trigger for this whole conundrum was John Terry's racism trial.

Capello and Baldini should not become public enemies by any means. Their style was impersonal and a little tiresome – but ultimately Fabio only lost 2 games as England boss – unfortunately one of those was as collaterally damaging to his appeal as a second Blitz would be to David Cameron.

You look at Spurs and see a team playing English style football in a continental fashion. It's direct and energetic but with a touch more precision and measure than our national team has achieved for decades.

The team spirit is pleasant, and considering the alleged coup d'etat atmosphere which raged at Stamford Bridge when Chelsea parted company with Ray Wilkins – he would be a valuable asset to help Harry while he's moonlighting.

Ultimately, can anybody really argue that after Fabio and Franco we should go to Harry and Ray?

If we're going to fail romantically, let's wear poppies and Morris dance around the May pole with Pimms while we're doing it.
Joe McNamara

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