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The halfway line goal - not as impressive as you think

Tuesday 14th March 2017
We've all seen them and we've all marvelled at the sheer class a halfway line goal shows but, if you take a closer look and disassemble the goal itself, they may not be anywhere near as impressive as you might imagine.

Here's a breakdown of a few of football's halfway line efforts

Xabi Alonso Goal: Liverpool v Newcastle 06/07

Probably the best defensive midfielder of the modern age; Xabi Alonso showed the world his world class talent with this monstrous effort from long range. He has to navigate the referee to even have a glimpse of his forward options before striking the ball with fearsome accuracy for the corner of the goal, but…

…watching the footage, you'll see that Newcastle ‘keeper Steve Harper isn't just a mile off his line; he also backtracks in a ridiculous fashion leading to nothing more than falling flat on his face. Had the ‘keeper actually been in a sensible position, or even concentrated on keeping his footing, there's no way the ball is hitting the back of the net.
Luck and judgement in equal measure? A little bit more luck I fancy.

Wayne Rooney Goal: West Ham v Manchester United 13/14

The ever divisive England captain was in a bad place under David Moyes, even though the Scot actually handed Rooney his professional debut, and had lost much of the respect he had worked so hard to earn in the past – until the trip to West Ham which relit the Croxteth lad's touchpaper.

Strictly speaking, Rooney fouls Tomkins to win the ball and play should've been halted, but Mike Dean allows the game to go on and Wayne belts the bouncing ball towards goal. Needless to say, Adrian loses sight of it in the air and is at least two yards away from the ball when it drops over the line.
For me; it's not actually on the halfway line and Rooney had no real alternative but to thump the ball speculatively towards goal. Mata is making strides in the centre and Ashley Young had finally caught up after lobbing the ball towards Rooney but this hit and hope showed just how much pace had been drained from United's counter-attacking threat.

David Beckham Goal: Wimbledon v Manchester United 96/97

I just wanted to watch this one again – whatever Neil Sullivan was doing doesn't merit thinking about.

Memphis Depay Goal: Lyon v Toulouse 16/17

Another Manchester United link (surely not!?), Memphis has found a new lease of life since moving to Lyon in January and decided to show just how talented he believes he is by launching an audacious effort, under pressure, from the half way line.
However, the Dutchman receives the ball after a scrappy piece of play and turns himself into a dizzy frenzy. He promptly thumps the ball forwards, without looking, and damn near falls over having thwacked it – fortune favours the bold!

Jone Samuelsen Goal: Odd Grenland v Tromso IL 11/12

Most of you have just said ‘WHO!?' but, trust me, you need to see this and assess it for yourselves.

Bizarrely, the Tromso ‘keeper is jogging back to his goal after wandering up field for a set piece that could've brought the game level and one of his defenders heads the ball back towards Grenland's half instead of out of play and Samuelsen simply thrusts his bonce towards the ball and it trundles into the open net.

Plus, a nice shot of Hayley in this clip.

Charlie Adam: Chelsea v Stoke 14/15

Charlie Adam definitely meant to catch the keeper out but he had options and it probably was a foul on Hazard. What Thibaut Courtois is doing is beyond anyone but we all have to accept that Adam has seen him off his line, by some distance, and believed in his ability.

An excellent effort that probably shouldn't have stood quite frankly.
Kristian Webb
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