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Has Eden Hazard finally found help with Chelsea signing Gonzalo Higuain?

Saturday 26th January 2019
Is it finally party time for Eden Hazard?
Is it finally party time for Eden Hazard?

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For my money, Eden Hazard has been the best player in the Premier League over the last half-decade. The brilliant Belgian has single-handedly dragged Chelsea through matches at times, scoring crucial goals and putting in several match-winning performances.

England is lucky that Hazard graces its shores, but Chelsea themselves have let their standards slip. The 28-year-old is currently bereft of any real help, although that’s not for the want of trying. Alvaro Morata was signed for big money in summer 2017, the Spaniard has struggled. Then came a move for Olivier Giroud, he’s only made minimal impact.

There is only so often you can pull your team through games single-handedly. Hazard’s been largely accountable for Chelsea victories this term, but far-too-frequently, the Blues have come unstuck. To their credit, the Stamford Bridge club are always quick to rectify their mistakes. This time around, it’s a bold move to bring in Gonzalo Higuain.

The 31-year-old has been signed on loan, but he heads to London with huge promise. Higuain has scored goals aplenty wherever he has played, amassing 290 strikes in 578 club appearances. Considering he’s donned Real Madrid, Milan, Napoli and Juventus jerseys, that’s all the more impressive. He can handle the pressure and limelight.

First and foremost, this allows Hazard to move back to where he’s comfortable – playing out on the left-wing. He’s found himself leading the line on several occasions this term, anyone with a brain can see he’s far less effective out there. Now, he has a proven goal-getter whom he can rely on. The burden will finally be shared.

As for Higuain, it obviously starts with goals. Chelsea have controlled the majority of the games they’ve played this season. Their main problem has been squandering chances or looking toothless when staring down on goal. Their new Argentine striker only needs one half-chance. More often than not he’ll bury those opportunities. His clinical nature could well save Chelsea’s season.

It’ll be like a weight lifted off Hazard’s shoulders. No longer will everyone look directly at him to do everything. Sure, the #10 is still the main man, but he now has someone who’ll be on his wavelength in terms of sheer ability.

The best part about Higuain’s arrival? He has Giroud’s hold-up ability combined with Morata’s technicality. Maurizio Sarri has often utilised the two forwards depending on the situation. Now, the Italian has a man for all situations.

I guess the only glaring problem is that it’s tough to adapt to new surroundings in the middle of a season. Higuain’s a wise old fox, though. I’m betting that he’ll hit the ground running with a goal on his first Premier League outing, that’s just how good he is.

Hazard has often flirted with a move to Real Madrid or elsewhere. The harsh reality for Chelsea fans is that, unless the club surrounds him with individuals of equal brilliance, he will walk away and he’ll have every right to. This is a positive step in the right direction, but if they want to ensure Hazard sticks around in the long-term, this move for Higuain has to be just the start.

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