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Holland 3-2 England. The Positives.

Thursday 1st March 2012
Stuart Pearce has been largely mocked as a poor manager, and many thrashings were predicted on social media throughout the game, and while there were notable negative aspects, there was also a large amount of positives to be taken out of the match:

1. Stuart Pearce isn't afraid to change the team

How many of us expected names like Ashley Cole to start more on name than form? Credit to Pearce he chose a young hungry team. The young players were actually some of the best players.

2. Pearce was right to pick Parker as captain

I was a skeptic of this decision, he then set about proving me wrong. While his passing is still inferior, despite moments of quality, his tackling and effort made for a leaders performance. He did eventually trail off, presumably as a result of fatigue. While I am not advocating him as a full time captain, he justified Pearce's decision.

3. Pearce created a very effect right side 

Micah Richards and Adam Johnson were an absolute nightmare, Erik Pieters especially was made to feel his lack of match fitness, both took it in turns to tear him apart, successfully limiting Robben's attacking threat.

4. Young players stepped up to the plate

We were all expecting to lose tonight, we were just expecting a pasting. However, the young players really stepped up. In the first half we matched them, it was only inexperience that cost us the goals. A lot of the players have no idea how gruelling a match against one of the world's best international teams is like, they do now, and will become better players from the experience.

5. The Golden Generation can be well and truly buried in the past

While I believe that Gerrard or Lampard could be kept around the squad for experience and as a last resort when chasing the game, tonight proved we no longer rely on them. I believe that Terry and Ferdinand this season have proven they're past it at the Premier League level, let alone International level, and replacements have stepped up to the plate. Cahill dominated aerially, grabbed a great goal and swept up well, Smalling was also solid. A positionally suspect Terry and a slow Ferdinand are no longer required. In midfield, Johnson and Young's pace proved to be potent weapons, with a fully fit Wilshere, Gerrard may no longer need to be a required starter.
Tom Errington

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