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Katy Perry and her undeniable love for football

Saturday 1st July 2017
In probably the author's biggest claim yet, he analyses the lyrics of the pop star and unearths hidden meanings for the California girl's fascination for football. Of course, we're talking about Katy Perry.

Once pictured in lingerie with the West Ham badge and colours on it, Katy Perry, certainly must have some interest in football – even if it was to satisfy the needs of her then-husband, Russell Brand. Yet, deeper listening to her lyrical content will have you thinking – K-Pez could be down the football grounds and/or pub every weekend.
This all stemmed from a recent interview she participated in, where she was asked about what influences her songs. The first thing that Katy said was to look around her and initially at her spectrum of friends. Quite a loose answer, but when she started to explain more, she looked at the wide activities that were happening around her – “one person is playing soccer”. Now it's quite unusual for just one person to be playing football by themselves (although as an only loner child, I remember doing this), so I doubt she's actually visibly seeing one person playing soccer, but she's actually pro-actively part of the football community and follows the game. After all, football is clearly on her mind – out of the million responses she could have said – football was her first reply.

Part Of Me, this stanza almost writes itself. In this song, she's clearly stating the love that people have for their football club. She acknowledges that times get tough with them “with your sticks and stones, bombs and guns, you're not gonna break my soul”. Displaying the kind of resolve that any football fan has, with time they are tested but never have lost their following for the team and it's always with them.

Firework, speaks of that faith you place in a player or collective group of players to get you back into a game. “you're a firework, come on let your colours burst”, the kind of awe and belief that supporters have for their players. This is particularly true of the supporters that follow clubs who they believe can do better, i.e. Arsenal/Tottenham who believe their sides have the capability to win trophies but just don't show it on a regular basis. This battle-cry urges them to show their talent consistently and show why they are the best team. Some sources even state that song was based on the unlocked potential of Dillian Powers, a midfielder for Colorado Rapids. That, however, is unconfirmed.

Roar can be said to echo the sentiments of all European football fans waiting for the new season to begin. It's a sonnet to a new beginning and a fresh breath of new optimism. “Already brushing off the dust” is a clear sign to cast off the worries of the last season, then: “You hear my voice, you hear that sound, like thunder, gonna shake your ground”, read as the hunger for the new campaign to begin and excitement to be again around your fellow fans, making a real noise for your side. Oh and of course, the chorus: “You're gonna hear me roar!”, most certainly a reference to the songs from the terraces every Saturday.

Hot and Cold, is evidently a mid-season ballad about a team's inconsistencies. The songs lyrical content is based on contradictions and juxtapositions. Identical connotations can be made to the formbook of a lot of football teams. Whilst probably not vocalised so much by fans, this particular sonnet easily serves as a venting process for a lot of teams to simply say, start being consistent and stop making silly mistakes. Although I don't expect it to ring out from the terraces just yet.

I could go on all day, Dark Horse is could be proven to be about supporting a team and never being able to go back or change, despite things going bad – but you love it; and there's many more of her songs you can find some kind of football meaning in. Seriously, if you go in listening to Katy Perry's music looking for an inch football-relatable content, you'll get a yard.

Katy can also be seen in an advertisement for Adidas appearing along such football royalty as Lionel Messi and David Beckham. Whilst the shots don't place her side by side with such stars, the involvement in such a project shows a desire to be close to the sport.
Whilst this could all be just a massive case of personal perception, to this author it all seems too coincidental for that. Whether she was always been a die-hard LA Galaxy follower of her native California or an adopted Hammer; it's clear she's passionate about the sport.
Warren Smith

Yokohama F•Marinos supporter. Seen it all in the J.League, relegation fights and being crowned champions. Play five-a-side, pretty good too. Once scored an overhead kick.

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