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Is A European Super League Around The Corner?

Friday 20th September 2013
With multi million pound profits being made and record signings across Europe James Meredith ponders the prospect of what is on the horizon for European football.

It is clear that football in the top leagues around Europe appear to be immune from the global economic crisis.

Consider the following:

  • Manchester United have just announced record revenues of £363.2m in the club's last financial year

  • Read Madrid set a new transfer world record with the signing of Gareth Bale

  • Tottenham Hotspur spent the entire fee received for Bale and more

  • Arsenal smashed their transfer record by over double with the signing of Mesut Özil

But what will this mean for the game?

Well I don't think it will be too long before we see the formation of a European Super League where the top clubs from around the continent leave their respective domestic leagues for good.

I think you have to look no further than the Champions League to see the blueprint for this. It's where all the money and glamour is. But what's more, it's compellingly competitive.

No club has defended the trophy since it was rebranded from the European Cup era when Arrigo Sacchi's Milan managed it in 1990.

At times there has been talk of one country dominating the competition. Last year saw two German sides in the final, but does this mean German football is set to take over? Unlikely when you look at what has happened in previous years.

Real Madrid beat Valencia in 2000, AC Milan conquered Juventus in 2003 and Manchester United defeated Chelsea in 2008. No period of country specific predominance followed these.

What has happened instead is that a small group of clubs have dominated the competition, based largely from Germany, England, Spain and Italy. PSG's recent spending prowess may see France join this group in the not too distant future.

The domestic leagues are pretty predictable. People talk about the competitiveness of the Premier League. In 22 seasons only five clubs have won the title., with Manchester  United winning it 13 times. Look at last season in the aforementioned dominant countries. In Germany the league was won by 25 points; in Spain 15 points; in France 12 points; in England 11 points; and in Italy 9 points.

Consider a Super League made up of clubs such as:

Juventus, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, PSG and Borussia Dortmund. Then throw in other clubs with rich owners looking to join these in the next year or so - Napoli, Malaga and Monaco. This would be like having a Champions League quarter final, semi final or final every single week.

The richest clubs have got richer and quite simply money talks.
James Meredith
Man Utd fan, Sopranos fanatic, Only Fools & Horses aficionado, tennis club captain, amateur poker player, pseudo-ambidextrous & a PR Account Director to pay the bills.

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