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Is David Moyes Out Of His Depth At Manchester United?

Saturday 28th September 2013
Another defeat for Manchester United this time at the hands of West Brom leaves Phill Inman asking the question, is he up for it?

When Sir Alex Ferguson announced his imminent retirement at the end of last season, little time was left before Manchester United fans knew that David Moyes would be the new man in the dugout.

Now questions are being asked about Moyes capabilities in handling the biggest job in England as after five games in the Premier League United sit in Eighth place.

All United fans knew it would not be a ceaseless transition from one manager to another, but they must have been hoping for a better start under Moyes.

So far this season United have been beaten by fellow rivals Liverpool and Manchester City, which was something of a rarity under Ferguson and today they were beaten at home by West Brom who have now leapfrogged them in the table.

With six games gone so far United find themselves already eight points away from league leaders Arsenal.

The strain of the job Moyes has taken on was clear to see on that in particular last Sunday, as he slumped in the dugout a look of acceptance on his face. No one can dispute that United were performing well below their usual standard.

If you want to see Moyes's credentials for the job just look at the wonderful work he has done in turning Everton into a top six club.

Ok, he hasn't won a cup or title but on a shoe string budget Moyes has left Roberto Martinez with a team that well and truly punches above its weight.

In this way the former Everton manager is cut from the same cloth as Ferguson, in that there is that ability to shape and mould a team that can challenge every other.

But despites his accomplishments on paper there is no escaping the fact that recent results have not been good enough, Moyes said this in his defence this week: “I don't think it was ever going to be the case this was going to be easy and smooth after Sir Alex”.

The only bright moments so far this season is the routine win in the Community Shield and beating Liverpool in the second round of the Capital One Cup.

One idea that has been thrown out to the poor start is that it is not Moyes's team, in attempt to combat this faithful soldier Marouane Fellaini has been brought in.

With the Belgium in the midfield it looks like United have a combative midfielder once more, something lacked since Darren Fletcher's illness.

Another argument put forth is that not all is rosy in the United camp; rumours are that key players have gone to Ferguson complaining of the new regime.

In this it looks like history might repeat itself as a similar thing occurred after United legend Sir Matt Busby retired. A procession of managers succeeded him finding the presence and responsibility of the job too much.

If history has taught us anything, it is that it's great having a long term manager but you need to find a suitable replacement when they step down, at the moment Moyes has the pressure on his shoulders with the question being asked.

Is Moyes up to the job?
Phill Inman
I'm 23 years old and followed football all my life. Still waiting for my talent and prowess to get spotted on the pitch, until that happens I hope you enjoy reading my articles.

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