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It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day and I'm Feeling Good

Tuesday 14th August 2012
Welcome to my first blog as part of the ‘It's Round & It's White' community.  I am a lifelong Aberdeen supporter as well as a follower of Norwich City...and yes that is an Inter Milan badge in my avatar but more about that later.

After what has felt like the longest summer in history with the farcical handling of the Rangers/new Rangers situation by the men in charge of the Scottish game, the European Championships and the captivating experience of London 2012, we can now turn our attentions back to society's great self-esteem booster – Scottish football.

Maybe it's just me but I often feel like the football season has not really begun until your first home game and so you join me in a ‘24' style daily update taking us through the events of what became known as ‘Sell Out Saturday'.

10:00am: Up, I like to think, nice and early to prepare for the game.  Being broke is pretty rubbish but with no hangover to contend with, a welcome rarity at the weekend, I start browsing through the internet for any news on the team.  Word on the street is that Mark Reynolds, our new signing back on loan after a successful spell last season, is in the squad but is likely to start on the bench.

11:00am: Arrangements are confirmed for the first pre-match pints of the season at the tried and trusted watering hole.  The home shirt has been looked at and my, is it not just beautiful.

12:00pm: In the car heading into town listening to ‘Off The Ball'.  The teams for Peterhead vs. Rangers are announced.  Would it be too much to ask for the Blue Toon to sneak something here?

1:00pm: First pint is in hand.  Rangers are 1-0 up but hardly look convincing.  That is the USA Captain playing centre half for them, right?

2:00pm: Great goals from Rory McAllister and Scott McLaughlin see Peterhead come within a whisker of pulling off the most unlikely, and deserved, upset before a late equaliser.  Is this real life?  So surreal watching your greatest rivals 3 tiers below you.  Mind you, at least Kirk Broadfoot looks at home now.

3:00pm: This is what you build yourself up to.  The pre-season optimism, the discussions of expectation, the debating of what the strongest team is and, by just how many you're going to win by today.  We are witness to a wonderful tribute to Teddy Scott.  Team looks good, the crowd is healthy and the nationwide good feeling about the present and future of the game is almost tangible.  Let us kick-off.


4:00pm: Well this is quite standard.  This has been a pretty lifeless game so far, a result of Ross County being intent on securing a draw.  If anything, two games in is probably a bad time to play last year's First Division Champions.  Hopefully there is more to come in the second half.

5:00pm: The optimism has been, somewhat, extinguished.  In fairness we did more than enough to win and were it not for inexcusable misses by Scott Vernon and Gavin Rae, would have easily walked away with 3 points.  The highlights of the match would be the performances of Stephen Hughes, Isaac Osbourne and Ryan Fraser (who saw Ross Tokely's attempt to half him coming a mile away?) and the style of play, choosing a passing style predominantly over the direct route that has become so standardised over the past few years.  Negatives would be how narrow we played for most of the game despite having 2 wide players on the pitch and the performance of Scott Vernon in the target man role.

6:00pm: Reflecting on the day, I feel there is reason to be happy with the performance.  Ross County have not got for nearly a year of league competition without losing a game by not being organised, with a sense of determination and the ability to grind out results when they need them.  Before the game, I expressed to my brother my belief that we now have one of the strongest squads in the league.  Despite how the result may look on paper, things appear to be heading in the right direction.  It will take time for the squad to get used to the new style of play as well as the expectation levels but you know what – I'm still feeling good about this season.

7:00pm: Would still like a new striker.  Anyone got Martin Boyle's contact details?
Gavin Scott

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