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It's time to talk about the other Hazard brother tearing up football

Sunday 18th November 2018
Thorgan Hazard began to make a name for himself at Zulte Waregem
Thorgan Hazard began to make a name for himself at Zulte Waregem

Image Via: Wikipedia/Bobo_300. Used under Creative Commons.

Footballing heritage seems to run in the genes. It's actually surprising how many people within the game have relatives who've also turned professional. I look at the Neville brothers, Peter and Kasper Schmeichel, Les, Rio and Anton Ferdinand, just to name a few...

When the surname Hazard is mentioned, immediately, your attention is drawn to Eden. The brilliant Belgian has been tearing up the Premier League for over a half-decade now, winning five major honours during that time. However, over in Germany, younger brother Thorgan is matching Eden blow-for-blow.

Plying his trade for Bundesliga side Borussia Monchengladbach, the 25-year-old attacker actually shares identical stats with his brother in their respective domestic leagues; having both scored seven times while also tacking on three assists for their teammates. Overall, though, it's Thorgan who leads the way. He has scored ten goals in all competitions, setting up his teammates on four occasions.

It's actually kind of funny. Thorgan moved to Stamford Bridge with his older brother at the time of Eden's transfer. He spent three years in London, going out on loan every season. The winger spent two years with Zulte Waregem, before Monchengladbach picked him up on a short-term deal in 2014/15. Shortly after, the Bundesliga club made that move permanent. It's fair to say both club and player haven't looked back since.

Year-on-year, there has been an improvement. During his last three seasons with Monchengladbach, Hazard has scored in double figures. However, this season is by far the earliest he has hit that mark. Right now, Monchengladbach impressively sits in second place in the Bundesliga, they're even ahead of Bayern Munich. It's Hazard who's leading the charge.

Hazard isn't only making an impact domestically, either. Belgium manager Roberto Martinez has also bought into the hype. After making one appearance in 2013, followed by a two-year absence from the national team, Monchengladbach's #10 has forced his way back into the mix, making twelve appearances for his country in just over a year.

It's this meteoric rise that the footballing world are undoubtedly taking notice of. Like many-a-youngster before him, Hazard opted to leave Chelsea's mass-loan policy behind in favour of regular, first-team football for a club who are actually giving him chances to showcase that talent week-in-week-out. It's working wonders for him right now, and perhaps a big-money move is just on the horizon.

Sure, it's going to be tough to keep up with this form, but if he can double his current goals tally, while also supplying the chances for others, he could be well on for a 20+ goals and 10+ assists campaign. You can bet your bottom dollar that Europe's elite sides will be keeping a closer eye on the younger Hazard brother...

Personally, I'd love to see him head back to Chelsea, playing alongside his brother as that's a spectacle that you don't get to see all-too-often. Either that or watch Real Madrid buy both Hazard brothers in one window as they begin their epic rebuild.

For now, though, let's just enjoy the talent, while giving Thorgan Hazard the respect he deserves. No longer is he Eden Hazard's little brother, but instead, a standalone professional footballer with the world at his feet.

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