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Ken Bates; Crook

Thursday 11th August 2011
For any other club in the country, it would be difficult for supporters to examine finances, due to the unknown figures regarding behind the scenes debt and another outgoing payments. However, with Leeds United, one thing is fairly clear. Our chairman Ken Bates is making a lot of money from the club. Certainly a lot more money than he is re-investing.

It is no secret that Bates' lack of investment on new players has been shocking. The most recent transfer scandal leaking out of Elland Road regards French winger Alexandre Mendy, who trialled for the club over the summer. Whilst at the club, reports circulated that he was made to pay for his own travel and accommodation expenses; not the kindest gesture by our good chairman. Simon Grayson was apparently again left frustrated by Bates, who refused to sanction the signing of Mendy on a free transfer.  Today, Grayson has released a statement dismissing this story, stating that Leeds don't need another wide midfielder. This however, contradicts his statement of a couple of days ago, where he stated that talks were underway. If we needed him a few days ago, why, all of a sudden, do we not need him anymore?

With many clubs chasing down both Robert Snodgrass and Max Gradel, you would have thought Bates would sanction the signing of Mendy on a free. After all, selling players for good money and replacing them with frees is seemingly one of his hobbies. One thing is certain though; if Snodgrass or Gradel do move on, they will only be replaced by frees or loanees, if at all.

Looking at Bates' income in player sales and comparing it to the money spent on players, you can see how much profit has been made just in recent year. The £8 million received from selling Fabian Delph to Aston Villa was only seen in small amounts with a maximum of £500,000 being spent on the likes of Ross McCormack and Leigh Bromby. In more recent times, Kasper Schmeichel has been sold to Leicester City for £1.5 million...another large sum of money we will never see again.

Another source of Bates' healthy income is seen on match days. Ticket prices have risen again this season, with an East Stand lower ticket now costing £36. Undoubtedly this is Championship football at Premiership prices...low level Championship football at that. The price of items inside the ground is also outrageous. Ordering an already pricey hot-dog is made much worse by the fact that a single packet of tomato ketchup now costs 30p. Milk sachets are now also reserved to one per person. A disgrace if you ask me.

It does start to make you wonder, is Ken Bates just a crook, or is there deeper financial problems behind the scenes?
Josh Fisk

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