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Leicester City - struggling maybe, but they'll always be the 2015/16 champions

Tuesday 7th February 2017
This season has been rife with disappointment and Leicester City no longer hold the golden torch that they once had. 24 games into the 2016/17 season and The Foxes have only had five wins (D6 L13); and find themselves lying in 16th place - and possible relegation candidates if their form does not improve. Claudio's execution is looking more and more ready, with the now dreaded vote of confidence been given by the board, but last season was another story.

Football can work miracles, and when the Foxes worked their miracle last year it brought neighbouring rivals together to unite; Arsenal fans congratulating the Leicester City fans on their win - with Manchester United Fans admitting that this was history that will never be forgotten. There was an outpour of respect from all corners of the league table, and it seemed like a day of rejoicing as Leicester just couldn't contain their glee.

Claudio Ranieri brought them from sheer obscurity into the limelight back in 2016. He crept his way up; took his time; contained his tactics, and let loose when the final games mattered. It was like a sloth making his way across a branch and being overtaken by those who are faster and much quicker than he is.

The praise for the Foxes comes from all angles. The signings that contributed to the win in 2015/2016 came from the genius of head scout Steve Walsh, whose scouting attributes brought about excellent performances and consistency. Mahrez was a signing that cost £520,000 and is considered to be a bargain, it was an exceptional buy from Walsh. Mahrez was a prominent figure in 2015/2016 - he scored 17 goals and was statistically one of the over-performers at Leceister. His pass and shot accuracy were above 60% and statistically, he out-did his fellow teammates in the overall performance ratings. Mahrez assisted on many occasions and was lively in his position, being named the PFA Player of the Year and the African Footballer of the Year.

N'Golo Kante was another addition to Leicester City from the recommendation of Walsh. Kante was a key factor for Leicester City and drew positive applauses from pundits and fans. The defensive midfielder also made the PFT of the year and  Leicester City are no doubt noticing his absence this season. Holding onto the player would have been impossible for Claudio as 2016/2017 would mean further investment, and the £32million they received from Chelsea wouldn't hurt their pockets in their search for new players. One of the strongest factors at Leicester was their team spirit.

"Of all the factors, the most imperative has been the team spirit," former Leicester defender Matt Elliot.

Jamie Vardy - Football Writer's Association and League Player Of The Season had a triumphant ending to his 2015/2016 season and deserved all the admiration that came his way.

There's no curveball this season - the hit and misses keep coming, and Claudio seems to be on a downward spiral. They had it once, in their hands, as a team, and now all that can be seen is a premeditated survival episode until the end.

They had it once though and that will not be forgotten.
Christine Reynolds
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