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Let’s not try to put too much pressure on Tom Davies, for England’s sake.

Monday 16th January 2017
Admittedly, a great performance it was by young Tom Davies at the weekend, however, I really hope that the media do not bombard the 18-year old with the old ‘The Next Gerrard' or ‘The English Zidane' typical cliché headlines which overhyped young English talents do not warrant nor deserve the overwhelming attention, and just let Davies flourish.

Apart from the fact that our league is completely and utterly saturated with money, another main reason for our national team's heart-breaking disappointing performances in every competitive international tournament in the past 20-years is the fact that our British media hype every single new talent that happens to successfully make a pass to the striker, or has a pop at goal from 30 yards out and it is a maximum of 10 metres either side of the goal – it's getting ridiculous.

The heavy expectation burdened upon the players by the farfetched predictions of where their talents will take them is clearly affecting their actual potential, and almost ruining the our young talents, normally in the way of a £35 million bid from either Manchester City or Chelsea, where they, regrettably, sit on the bench for three seasons, get a bad injury and move to Sunderland, respectively.
In recent seasons, future legends of the game, as most British tabloid papers predicted, such as Jack Rodwell, Scott Sinclair and Andy Carroll. All players who warranted big price tags moving to bigger teams that have been, maybe not Carroll as much, ruined by the money that inevitably put too much pressure on the young and inexperienced shoulders of these players and directly provoked them to underachieve, scared to put a foot wrong because they knew that their price tag and themselves would be slated on the back pages of the newspapers.

Who knows how our National side would look like now if these prospects were let flourish and were sheltered from the stick that the media gave them, one of the best International sides on the planet? I don't think that is too far-fetched.

Now the next wave of young English players that the media are desperately trying to force a huge £60 million price tag on are emerging through the ranks such as Tom Davies and his fellow country and club man Ross Barkley, should be left alone to grow and strive to reach their absolute best, and if one of the so-called big clubs comes-a-knocking, then we can start throwing ludicrous amounts of the Queen's currency around – but at least it won't be premature due to the players already being good and, most importantly, established for Club and Country, making it hard for the big club to leave them on the bench for an eternity.

Tom Davies does look to have it all. His sublime run and Brazilian style chop to leave two Manchester City defenders for dead and his deft finish, albeit lucky with the deflection, was a dream come true for the childhood Evertonian, who has been singing his heart out from the stands at Goodison Park since he could walk.

I just hope that he isn't another casualty to the press and frivolously idiotic sides who throw money at young talents like there is no tomorrow. I hope he turns into an England and Everton great. I hope he is remembered and loved for years to come as an icon and a legend. I really hope he isn't sat on Manchester City's bench a few months before the World Cup next year. Only time will tell, unfortunately.
Jack Read
Opinionated Football fan from Manchester. Venting my frustrations via means of Writing online.

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