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Manchester City's Squad Review: Who stays or goes in midfield

Monday 4th June 2018

Manchester City scored the Premier League's highest goal tally in history this season. The Citizens' midfield played a major part. Pep Guardiola created a powerful force in the middle of the pitch, one which provided for the forwards, as well as screened the defence. 

Unlike most teams, where the holding midfielder's primary job is to protect, at Man City, each player contributes defensively. They work hard to regain the ball as soon as it is lost. Especially the midfield trio. Among other factors, that is why Guardiola's side enjoy such high possession.    

The third in a four-part series, we take a look at City's midfield. How did the current crop perform over the past ten months? Could new arrivals be on the way this summer? 

Sayantan Dasgupta

Sayantan is a professional writer and freelance sports journalist writing for ItsRoundandItsWhite.co.uk, RealSports101, Sportskeeda and Open Veins of Football. He loves covering the Premier League and the Indian Super League and follows Manchester United and ATK (ISL).

He appreciates pragmatic football and unlike most, understands that the football's beauty lies not only in attack, but the balance between defense and attack. However, he does not forget the love, the flair, and drama of football. When not engulfed in the Premier League or the ISL, he loves to watch Italian Serie A and La Liga.

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