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The Manchester United squad - a few tweaks and they could close the gap

Wednesday 8th February 2017
Let's take a look at the start of January: Hull, West Ham United and Reading were games that allowed a good start to the year. The captain, Wayne Rooney, had even tallied equally with England legend - Sir Bobby Charlton - scoring 249 goals on January 7th. Bravo, Rooney! The scorelines against Hull and Reading were both 2-0, with the EFL Cup (Hull) being a slow burner - but picking up its paces with Fellini and Mata scoring late goals to propel the team forward. The game against West Ham United secured their 6th win, with Ibrahimovic being one of the goalscorers on that occasion.

The Red Devils need to keep this up. They need to use the strengths of Zlatan Ibrahimovic: for his aerial ability and agility up front; coupled with good ball control and power. He may drift in and out of concentration and be a whopping 35-years-old and to some people, a questionable work rate, but he is a solid presence to the devils. I label him one of the main forward's for Mourinho's side. Pogba and Schweinsteiger are also key to the dynamic outfit of United. Bastian Schweinsteiger has made little to no impact of late, and it's a hefty price to play for a player of his calibre and price tag. That sucks, as his last world cup performance was electrifying. He needs to show Jose Mourinho that he can be the impact they believed in, and bring back the faith that they once had.

Paul Pogba is the missing ingredient that Manchester United missed and could be the answer to their creative bliss.  Like most fans, I love his playing style, he's just, bravado! He owns the football pitch with his assists and creativity that opens up the play for players around him. He works well with those who can feed off of him; running in front of him, and creating their own space for him to deliver.

The midfield is solid enough, with Young, Carrick, Mata, Herrera and of course Marouane Fellaini - Fellaini- being the one player that has always raised my eyebrows with his style of play. Jose seems to love him - as do his fellow teammates, but I don't think he adds anything special to the side. I would like let him leave, but I don't know if Jose would? The defence looks OK, mainly - Valencia and Shaw being the names that stand out whenever I see the full defensive squad.

If the transfer rumours are true, I would bring in Victor Lindelof and Nelson Semedo - replacing Phil Jones and Bailly. The defence needs to be solid, and Phil and Bailly waver in that department for me. I would boost the upfront with the help of Antoine Griezmann who has the lightest of touches when it comes to the handling of his football. He would add finesse in front of goal, as he can be a killer left foot when it comes to his strike, and works the wider areas when needed. Alterations like this could challenge for the title.
Christine Reynolds
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