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Marta Vieira Da Silva and her stunning ability in the female game

Tuesday 24th January 2017
If I was to ask you, "who is Marta Vieira Da Silva?" Would you know who she is? Would you be aware of her status as 'one of  the greatest female players of all time?' Or would you shroud yourself into obscurity, and ignore key facts entirely? Marta is very relevant to female football. 

Pele In Skirts

Marta had beaten ridicule from male naysayers who figured she shouldn't be playing the sport. I feel she has overcome plenty of obstacles to be at the level she is now; however, what I want to look at is the blinding success she has seen over these last few years.

Marta's relevance comes in two packages: Pele naming her, "Pele with skirts," and winning the FIFA World Player Of The Year 5 times between the dates - 2004 - 2008. Brazilian is just the dipping in the sand for Marta, as she has all the attributes and dynamics that sink you deeper when you see a forward with skills play. Her skills come with the technique she has - she is not afraid to challenge the opposition. She shows no fear in front when displaying the Ronaldhino vibe - and the Pele glide through as she takes on countless defenders - lobbying the ball around her target, shuffling the ball onto her preferred foot and -

'Voila, Pele ze skirts!' (Made that up)

Marta is no stranger to scoring outside the 18 - yard box - if you give her time, she'll commit the crime, and she'll commit it with a screamer of a shot! She can outrun you, out-spin you - with the ball still glued to her feet, and out - time you - yes, she is lethal.  The importance of her timing and finishing is something she seems to master, and her work-rate on the pitch is not only known to be in one position.
She played as a striker, offensive midfielder, supporting forward and playmaker. She is also renowned for her set pieces i.e. free kicks, penalty kicks and corners. A born leader is what she truly is, and she can lead her team to victory.

I could run through a list of professional awards she has won, a few are:

Women's Professional Soccer Golden Boot - 2009, 2010, 2011

Women's Professional Soccer MVP -2009, 2010

Women's Professional Championship MVP - 2010

Another key to the relevance of Marta would be the honours that her Brazilian people displayed for her back in 2007, when Pele noticed her performance against the US-Under 20 team, which assisted with the win at the Pan American Games, and proclaimed the words I have already written, "Pele with skirts." She had her name imprinted on the cement of the Estadio do Maracana.

"She draws her inspiration from Ronaldinho." I'll say no more.
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