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Match Report: Sheffield Wed 3-2 Birmingham City (City Fan's Perspective)

Wednesday 22nd August 2012
I've watched Wednesday this season against Oldham in the league cup and its fair to say I saw both sides of them were evident. On the way to Hillsbrough, I was expecting a better Blues performance than the one we saw against Charlton. The first half was, to be totally honest, poor. I would use foul language when describing this performance, as what I have just seen from the boys in blue was atrocious.

The back four may as well have stayed at home and played boggle, stimulate their brains a bit more. Chris O'Grady and Rodri gave Davies and Caldwell the runaround. I have never seen Davies look so lethargic. He looked like a sunday league defender, talk of a move to QPR or Norwich has gone to his head maybe? More displays like this and he'll be lucky to move to Olton Ravens.

Just like Saturday, Blues build-up play was slow. Wednesday should have been ahead after a couple of minutes. From then on, we were lucky not to be three of four down. When they did score after 14 minutes, the storm continued. 39 minutes in, we were two down. The first half was horrible to watch.

In the second half, Blues started better. Burke, King and Zigic all came close but you didn't feel like a come back was on. The fact that Ziggy replaced Elliott at half time was admittance from Lee Clark that he agreed the 4-4-1-1 formation didn't work. Redmond is wasted on the left and he would never get in the team over Burke. So either play him down the middle, or drop him.

Mullins and Ambrose didn't look like they could gel. The passing was wayward and there was no urgency. Mullins I thought, put some nice tackles in and broke their play but his distribution leaves a lot to be desired. I hope he doesn't become the target for the boo-boys like Fahey was a year ago.

By the time Blues pulled one back, we were looking tired. But we put the pressure on and fed Burke and Redmond more than we did all night. But every time we lost the ball, we wouldn't see it for a long period of time. We let their midfielders carry the ball too far without making challenges.

Everyone is aware that Butland made a mistake for the opening goal. It was a howler. But to get on his back already is ridiculous. The kid is 19, he will make mistakes. Hart did, Foster did. Butland will again. Get behind the lad, stop being fickle.

The third Wednesday goal killed Blues off. The referee, who was awful for both sides, so bad that Zigic squared up to him at one point, gave us a penalty in the 94th minute. We should have had three pen's before that, but that's not excusing how poor Blues were. Is has to be said, the 1,700 or so Bluenoses were vocally fantastic. Clark needs to sort it out and fast. Watford is now a must win as we lie 19th in the championship.

Ratings: Butland 5. Spector 4. Davies 4. Caldwell 5. Murphy 5. Burke 5. Ambrose 5. Mullins 5. Redmond 5. Elliott 4. King 6. (Subs used) *Zigic 6
Rob Wildey

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