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Matchday 25 - Premier League Predictions 11/02/12

Saturday 11th February 2012
Man Utd 1-1 Liverpool

Welcome to the Theatre of Dreams where it is pantomime week. We are going to hear plenty of "Boooooo-Hissssss" and "He's behind you!". It's a shame that the football is going to have to make do as the side-act. I think the game is going to get so much attention (for the wrong reasons) that neither side will give a great performance and so this seems destined for a draw. Out of interest, who is your money on for the first to boot Suarez? I think it will be Rooney but here's hoping that Fergie will be the one to give him good, hard kicking.

Blackburn 1-1 QPR

I should stop sticking up for Blackburn. Everytime I do, they bottle it. For instance, I thought they would give Arsenal a bit of a game, which was about as far off the mark as is possible. QPR need to win this game. They need to move away from the drop zone sooner rather than later and despite all the money they have spent, they might end up in the bottom three after this round of games. I don't think they will just because I don't see Blackburn having enough to beat them.

Bolton 2-1 Wigan

Big game. Big, big game. Bolton have picked up at home lately which is going to be key if they are to stay up. Wigan are looking like gonners again. They got some good results before Christmas to give them a lifeline but they have been awful since the turn of the year. Wigan, you have been hanging on for years but 2012 seems like the year you will finally exit the big league, and this could be the result that ends any hope of staying up.

Everton 1-1 Chelsea

I've found it hard in recent weeks to get excited for games involving Chelsea or Everton. Neither have been losing, just drawing a lot. It would be optimistic to expect a win and good performance from either side so I'm going for a dull one all. Expect to see this last on Match Of The Day.

Fulham 2-0 Stoke

What happened to Stoke? They looked all but safe a month ago and yet just a couple more poor weekends could see them in a relegation battle. A win for Fulham would put them ahead of Stoke and I can't see any other result. I wonder how many things Pulis will whinge about after this defeat?

Sunderland 2-1 Arsenal

Arsenal got a great win last week but Blackburn were awful, real relegation fodder. Sunderland are a very good team and have showed what strength in depth they have by still playing well with lots of injuries. I've got a funny feeling they will win this game but then go out of the FA Cup next week in a repeat of this match.

Swansea 1-0 Norwich

I love these two teams. The Premier League needs more teams like Swansea and Norwich, teams who get promoted and play with no fear. They also add some much needed diversity to the league, it's nice having teams from places other than London, the Midlands and the North West. Where are all the Yorkshire clubs? Come on, get your fingers out! Anyway, this will be a good game, very close and probably not a great deal of goals but still better than Everton against Chelsea.

Tottenham 2-1 Newcastle

I thought this would be a straight forward win for Spurs but I am starting to think that the events of the last couple of days might be a distraction to 'Arry. Spurs should still win but Newcastle will put up a hell of a fight. I never thought I would say this this season but Newcastle really are pushing for a Champions League spot. If Pardew gets a good finish and continues to progress next season, he might actually be a proper candidate for the England job in my eyes. For now, it has to be Redknapp with Pearce assissting. And if not, David Beckham anyone?

Wolves 1-2 West Brom

I wasn't sure what to say about this game but then I remembered that Molineux had recently hosted defeats to both Birmingham and Villa, so I'm going for a hat-trick of derby defeats at home for Wolves. A win for them could really drag a few teams into a big dogfight, which would be entertaining to see but I don't think West Brom will lose. If they do, they might be a good outside bet for relegation.

Aston Villa 1-3 Man City

With United dropping points at Chelsea (actually I guess it counts as gaining a point), City have got a bit of breathing room back. I think they will take full advantage of this and finally start playing with a bit of freedom instead of the panic that they have shown recently. I heard rumours during the week that McJudas was going the same way as Capello but he is still there and I hope he never leaves. Watching him slowly ruin Villa is giving me no end of satisfaction. I swear I used to attempt to be unbiased.

That's all for now from me. I will be back in a couple of weeks after what should be a great FA Cup weekend. See you then.
Oliver Friend
23 year old Psychology graduate from The University of Hull. Massive England fan and supporter of Birmingham City at club level. Currently spending a lot of time going to watch North Ferriby United in the Conference North. Also try to keep up with the major European leagues. Follow on Twitter: @ole1208

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