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Matchday 26 - Premier League + Carling Cup Final Predictions

Saturday 25th February 2012
Chelsea 1-0 Bolton

With Chelsea having over twice as many points as Bolton, this really should be easier to call. I'm not expecting a good game and this won't do anything to ease the pressure on AVB. He might be out of a job if he loses the FA Cup replay at St. Andrews.

Newcastle 3-1 Wolves

Getting knocked out of the FA Cup is starting to look like a blessing in disguise for Newcastle. They got a week off after their big defeat to Spurs and I think that will only have helped them. Wolves look in serious trouble. It became a bit of a joke with their search for a manager so I won't go into too much detail about it, it's not fair to kick them while they're down, but Newcastle will.

QPR 2-2 Fulham

Most teams go through a honeymoon period when a new manager takes over. Unfortunately for QPR, they have gone straight into marital hell with Mark Hughes. If a team gets only one point from Villa, Wolves and Blackburn, they deserve to go down. There is only one thing worse than losing to the teams around you and that's losing to your rivals. Hughes hasn't been in charge long but I can imagine some discontent if he loses this one. However, I can't see a repeat of the mauling from earlier in the season. Fulham will be a tough test but I think QPR should be able to do enough to get a point.

West Brom 1-2 Sunderland

Last time, I made the prediction that Sunderland would beat Arsenal in the league but then lose to them in the cup which of course was the opposite of what happened. I can't see Sunderland being disappointed with the way things turned out. It was a winnable league game for them but I doubt they would turn down a good cup run. West Brom have been picking up the majority of their points away from home recently and I can see them failing on their own turf once again.

Wigan 2-1 Aston Villa

26 weeks of predicting the Premier League scores and this is the first time I've gone for a Wigan win. I feel like it should come with an asterisk though. The stats say Wigan should win and I think they will BUT Wigan have a nasty habit of messing up just when it looks like they are hitting some sort of form. Villa have plenty of tricky games left this season and cannot be considered safe yet but a win at Wigan could edge them closer to the magic mark. Of course if they do lose, they will be 100% in a relegation battle.

Man City 3-1 Blackburn

This will be a City win. It took me a while to decide on a scoreline but I am convinced that the home side will take all three points. Their great win over Porto looks to have given them their spark back and I'm afraid Blackburn will be there just to make up the numbers.

Arsenal 1-3 Tottenham

This game is the humdinger of the weekend. Spurs are definitely going to finish above Arsenal this season and have already beaten them at White Hart Lane but they will certainly be up for this to complete the full house. Spurs haven't looked a very good FA Cup side this season but they are one of the best Premier League sides. Arsenal are once again unable to win any trophy (barring a complete collapse by Milan) and for a team who not long ago were the best in the country, will do well to finish in the top four. I will be surprised if they beat Spurs.

Norwich 1-2 Man Utd

I actually think this will be a bit of a dull one so my apologies to Norwich and United fans. United will probably sneak a win but I can just as easily see Norwich getting a draw. I'll give the edge to United just because they are a stronger side.

Stoke 1-1 Swansea

Stoke have collapsed a bit this season. They looked set to push on in the league and fight for a Europa League spot but they are only a couple of bad weekends off a relegation battle. I've only just realised that Swansea are level on points with Stoke, I thought there was a bit of a gap between the two. I imagine this will be close and if it isn't a draw, it will probably be a Swansea win. I don't want Stoke to win, it will mean we miss out on those fantastic Pulis rants.

As an extra special treat, here is my prediction for the Carling Cup final. I'm going to miss Birmingham being the holders.

Liverpool 3-1 Cardiff

I'm not sure I want either side to win this. Liverpool have been poor this season considering how much money they spent but it's going to look justified if they win a trophy. I don't want Cardiff to win for purely selfish reasons. If they win, it will look a greater achievement than what Birmingham did and might overshadow us. I like the underdogs to win but not for the next few years. I shouldn't be worried about Cardiff though, they are notorious bottle jobs. I'm going for Liverpool to take an early lead and then add another soon after. Cardiff will then pull one back after the game dies down before Liverpool seal the win with about 15 minutes to go. I could be more specific but I just don't want to.




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