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Mesut Ozil: A misunderstood and underated talent on the football field

Monday 23rd January 2017
I remember a comment Gary Lineker made on Ozil. Gary felt that Ozil was under-performing in some of the games he was playing and that his performances were not up to scratch in 2014. Ozil's attitude sometimes runs into the disinterested factor - think Dimitar Berbatov (free agent), who looks at times like he doesn't give a single f*** - a vacant expression behind the eyes; warped with a somewhat lazy way of exercising stamina and natural fitness. Ozil doesn't exert laziness (in my opinion) - but sometimes gives fans and critics that sour expression of not caring at all.

Awhile back I read a paragraph from the independent; written by Kit Holden:

" Mesut Ozil was born into the wrong generation of footballers. It's plain to see when he comes across the media. He lives and works in an era which demands his every move be observed, and yet Ozil prefers to slink off into the shadows. Time and again, he darts past reporters, casting only a grateful glance at whichever team-mate is diverting the hounds away." 

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Ozil doesn't play like a player who loves the limelight. Leave that for Cristiano Ronaldo to do. Ozil plays with a subtle silence - moving when he has to, and contributing when needed. Off the pitch, he displays the same sort of subtle silence; preferring the attention to be placed onto another willing participant, and he doesn't hide that discomfort.

You will notice Ozil assert himself in the midfield when he displays small bouts of magic. The assists being either lofted to a team player or placed inside the box to create a chance for the forward/striker - maybe even a back/side heel assisting the centre forward who is making a run. He does all of this with a relaxed nature, making it all seem too easy.

Fans of the player differ with explanations on him overall - some have taken to saying the following -

"Mesut is not a football player. Mesut is an artist"

"Probably the best vision in football."

"World class player. what a genius"

Other comments have been,

"I think he was better at Real Madrid." 

Many Real Madrid fans yearn for his return,

"As a Real Madrid fan, I want him to come back - SO MUCH!!!"

Some have even questioned why he isn't up there with the likes of Lionel Messi and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in terms of recognition and praise. I wondered about this too, but I suppose each has their own opinion.

In truth, Ozil is quietly assured of himself and feels no need to impress anybody. Mesut is at a stand-still at the moment with Arsenal and needs more talent around him, but rest assured he is probably ignorant of the naysayers and quietly building form as we speak.
Christine Reynolds
I would say that I'm a writer of many flavors. I did a-bit of music journalism - I want to do this full time. I've done some content writing, editing and freelance work, and other various media/music related work. I've written for various blogs and magazines (up and coming,) and hope to be a fully fledged writer; earning the big bucks and stirring my readers. Au revoir.

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