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Why there is more than olive oil in Spain

Friday 5th October 2018

Spanish football. Maybe even football. The phrase/word conjures up visions of Lionel Messi and the FC Barcelona group. The memories of Cristiano Ronaldo ruining Spanish defences was a joy to behold as he became the sole Galactico for his generation. The former dictator, Franco, fell and the country opened up and flourished in many ways. Football, for one, became a product associated with the country.

Now, however, Spain should be readying itself for the next step. We are moving beyond the two-party paradigm and the investors should be lining up to make La Liga the next Premier League, why? There’s money to be made and titles to be won. If you have the keys to a few spare oil rigs, I urge you to set sail for Iberia and buy football clubs.

The two-party system is an echo of the eternal battle, Messi-Ronaldo / Barcelona-Real Madrid. La Liga’s showpiece is a highlight on the football calendar as many observe the division as simply El Clasico league. An amazing feat of sport in the modern game, but Spain has put this era behind it as now; the door is open to all of the other 18 clubs. too.

The Premier League already enjoys healthy respect and competition. As you have players leaving their boyhood club they vowed never to leave to simply play in the English top flight. There’s also an unknowing competition that six teams could realistically win the title and several others could on their day qualify for Europe. Other leagues like the Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and Serie A - don’t have this as much. La Liga does have the opportunity to do so and make every club a super club within Europe.


La Liga is statistically the third most supported league in the world with one of the largest average attendances per stadium. That’s fresh data from last year’s season, meaning that an investment here would have the potential to see a return from a large pool of fans.

Even if the home support for other clubs isn’t as big as the followings of Real or Barca, we must remember that the clubs will meet them in competitive fixtures at least twice a year. Creating four big payday opportunities, you can maximise that by increasing the away allocation, producing special ‘versus Real’ merchandise; and you’ve got a license to print money.

October 2018

Television audiences are also turning on to watch La Liga, which opens a whole new avenue of income. Yes, the most watched matches are involving the historically dominant clubs, there's still plenty to be made from the other fixtures when you consider advertising.

In fact, Spanish football coverage is already ahead of the game. It’s delivering top quality coverage and analysis with beautiful graphics which echo from the NFL; which must be good if it can capture the short attention span of the average American to watch a below average sport for several hours. You can watch key plays of La Liga action from several angles and appreciate every blade of grass that touches the ball. It’s only going to get better.

Real Chance to Win

It may seem like owning a Spanish football club other than the two in the duality would be unfruitful and generally unsuccessful in terms of silverware. That’s not quite true anymore with the level of quality along with competitiveness in the division rising at an uplifting rate.

Barcelona and Real Madrid both lost last weekend and failed to win, the weekend just gone. It seems the exodus of Cristiano Ronaldo has not only affected his team but the whole division too. Former-lowly teams like Real Betis, Deportivo Alaves and Espanyol could all mathematically top the table come to the end of the next round of games. Sure, we are just seven games into the season and the dye is not cast yet - the duopoly blueprint for La Liga may not be followed. This belief will inspire other sides that they can win and challenge the big boys. It won’t be long until we are talking about a Spanish Leicester; who are prime for investment.

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