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Muamba Shows Positive Signs Of Recovery

By Rob
Tuesday 20th March 2012
After a weekend that shocked the footballing community into a rare show of togetherness, the good news for everyone involved with football and, most importantly, Fabrice Muamba and his family is that the Bolton Wanderers midfielder is showing positive signs of recovery.

Having been carried off the White Hart Lane pitch after suffering a cardiac arrest during his side's FA Cup quarter-final clash on Saturday evening, everyone watching or involved in the match feared the worst for the popular midfielder. But reports trickling out of the specialist east London hospital treating Muamba indicate he is making a recovery far beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

Press statements have revealed that Muamba has responded fantastically to his treatment, to the extent that he is now able to not only communicate with visiting family members, friends, manager Owen Coyle and fellow players but was even laughing and joking with his teammates on Tuesday. Considering the fears that anyone who saw the incident on Saturday would have rightly had, this is a huge positive.

We must not get ahead of ourselves, Muamba is clearly still in a serious condition having suffered a heart attack that left his heart unable to function by itself for around two hours and left him unable to breathe for an hour. Had he been anywhere else other than a major football venue with the mass of medical attention on hand, he would almost certainly not have been so lucky. But thankfully he has been so lucky, and hopefully his recovery will only continue to be so speedy.

There has been talk of Bolton withdrawing from the FA Cup altogether in the aftermath of the Muamba incident. It is probably too soon for Bolton fans to start thinking about the football side of things, but as he increasingly seems to be recovering, the less likely that is to happen. While it may be tough for some of his teammates and indeed the Tottenham players involved in the first match to go back and repeat it, I believe Fabrice would want the game to go ahead.

Indeed, one idea that has been mooted is for all proceeds from a rematch to go to charities that raise awareness for cardiac arrest. I for one would love to go to White Hart Lane and stand in with my fellow Bolton fans and sing Muamba's name while we raise vital awareness and funds for a cause that has been so horribly proven to be necessary this week.

It is fantastic news that Muamba seems to be making such a swift recovery and, while we probably won't ever see him in the famous white shirt again, I hope he is able to recover and be a part of Bolton Wanderers Football Club in some capacity going forwards. Let's hope his recovery continues to be speedy and that we can we see that great big smile again soon.

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