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My predictions for the top 6 of the Premier League

Thursday 4th August 2016
Following on from his predictions on which teams will be relegated from the Premier League this coming season, Jamie Britt returns with the clubs that he believes will claim the top-six spots in the League, agree or disagree, let us know.

6th - Tottenham

After a season where they finished 3rd in a two-horse race for first, I can see this being a season where Spurs struggle. So far, Victor Wanyama and Janssen have come through the door and to compete at the highest level as well as the Champions League will turn out to be too much this campaign. After a successful campaign last time around, many will feel that they should compete once again. However, in comparison with the other clubs, they haven't strengthened as much. Champions League football every fortnight plus a competitive league campaign will mean that they will struggle to compete on more than one platform this season.

5th - Liverpool

My team. And I think once again it will be a season of transition. Klopp has brought in some fresh faces, however, are they enough to impact the team that they can push Liverpool up the league ? I am not too sure. Other teams have invested well, the two Manchester clubs in particular. On paper, Liverpool has a strong side. Coutinho and Sturridge have the ability to destroy sides by themselves. Yet, the defence and goalkeeper still seem to be the worrying point for me. Karius in friendlies has looked shaky and Mignolet isn't much of an upgrade. It could be a season of challenges for Liverpool but I do feel they are strong enough to still finish 5th. I also think they will win a domestic cup.

4th - Arsenal

Typically, I have placed Arsenal in 4th position. This is not due to their stereotypical finish but due to the fact that they surely cannot finish higher this season. They do have a solid squad. Yet, once again they have struggled to bring in new players. If Riyad Mahrez was to make the move to the Emirates, then they could press higher up the division. Sanchez and Özil both have the ability to push the squad up the table, but once again as it seems every summer, that needed striker never quite turns up. A tough year for gunners fans is predicted and it'll be Arsene Wenger's last at the club.

3rd - Manchester United

The changes at United have been drastic. A new manager has come in and will be wanting to put his mark on the side. The transfers into the club have also been huge. Mkhitaryan, Ibrahimovic, Pogba and Eric Bailly are all now at the 'field of dreams' and of course, this will make the squad hugely competitive. I do feel that United will perform better domestically than Tottenham and Arsenal because they have better players and they are also only playing in the Europa League. The Europa League is clearly not as competitive as the Champions League meaning that Mourinho may be willing to rest players in order to keep them fit before the Premier League game at the weekend.

2nd- Manchester City

A successful start for Pep Guardiola, however, I do feel that he will come up just short. Signings have come through the door and on paper they do have one of the strongest teams in the league, yet, Champions League football, as well as three other competitions, will result in their Premier League campaign slipping up near the latter stages of the season. I fully expect Sergio Aguero to become the top scorer once again and I also think that if utilised properly Ilkay Gundogan can be the signing of the season. Next season is their year, after one season at the helm for Pep

1st - Chelsea

Many may look at this and completely disagree but I think the opposite. Under Conte, Chelsea will be tactically superb. Under Mourinho, you could see this in their title winning season, but now I do feel Conte knows how to play and win. Michy Batshuayi will also prove to be a huge coup in my opinion. His pace and power seem to work brilliantly with what is needed in the Premier League and I also feel that Eden Hazard will show us he still has it. Player of the season contender for me. There is also no European distraction for Chelsea and like Liverpool, this could seriously aid them in the run in.

Whatever happens, we are in for a treat and this could be the most competitive Premier League season to date.

Jamie Britt
Liverpool FC fan, official club member. Liverpool and the Premier League is my thing but I take a serious interest in European as well as lower league football ! Still waiting for Liverpool to win a league title.....!!

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