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No Quick Fix For Arsenal

Monday 19th September 2011
The defeat away to Blackburn was a reminder to Gunners fans that the rebuilding process will be a long and hard one. I for one believe that this is the lowest point for Arsenal, I can't see it getting any worse. Surely Mertesacker and Arteta will improve in their respected roles and when all their players return from injury.

However despite all the new problems this season in regards to replacing key midfielders and signing strikers to accomodate Robin Van Persie, it was the same old problem that cost Arsenal at Ewood Park. The defence. Blackburn had 3 shots on target and scored 4 goals and from Arsenal's point of view that is unforgiveable.

So let's start with the first goal. The 2 centre halves completely caught out. One is too deep the other is too high, Yakubu coasts in between the two and flicks the ball past the keeper.

The second goal was a total disaster. Harmless free-kick into the box where there are no Blackburn players attacking the ball and 4 Arsenal players in a position to clear it. However Song at the near post does not hear a shout and fails to put his laces through it to clear the ball, it cannons of his knee and goes in.

The third goal results in another set play in which Arsenal should clear but are second to every ball and Yakubu knocks the ball over the line - who should be offside but Andre Santos does not push out quickly enough and plays him on- yet again it highights the lack of commanding figures at Arsenal who can take control of a situation and spur the team on and not just panic like Koscielny did for the fourth goal.

Could that commanding figure be Vermaelen, Mertesacker or Wilshire? Because if it isn't Wenger will have to pay the money needed to get that man, if he does not he faces the axe. For all that he has done for the club the staistics don't lie 6 years is too long for Arsenal FC fans to wait for success. Patience is wearing thin because Arsenal appear to have lost the will to win.
Calum McClurkin

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