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North West Football In Trouble

Monday 28th November 2011
The North West of England could take a huge hit at the end of the season, should the Premier League table look like it does now. Wigan, Bolton and Blackburn all find themselves in the relegation zone. This would be a shame for the region which currently hosts the league leaders and last years league champions.

Blackburn currently sit at the foot of the table, playing with spirit and belief but without quality. They have the squad, the determination and the desire but defensive lapses have cost them and their inability to take chances has lead to them failing to secure points. Kean is right - if they were not creating chances then things would be a lot worse. But what could bve worse than sitting last at this stage of the season having only secured seven points?

Wigan would have been at the foot of the table had they not beaten another struggling team - Sunderland. Martinez likes his side to play slick, flowing football but, as with Blackburn, defensive lapses have cost them dearly. Having benefited from an error by Wes Brown at the weekend, perhaps the fortunes at Wigan have changed. They posses a great young manager and will be looking to kick start their campaign after the win.

Joining those two are Bolton. Owen Coyle and his team faced a difficult set of fixtures at the start of the campaign and have failed to find their feet as a result. The stylish football we saw last season has vanished and at times Bolton are reverting back to the long ball game which was all but finished with once Coyle arrived. At present though, it doesn't matter how they play. Bolton need points. They're missing the creativity of players like Sturridge and Elmander. Hopefully, with the transfer window getting closer, Coyle has identified a target or two.

Of the three sides, Bolton would be the one leats fancied to go down. But, as Newcastle and West Ham can confirm -you are never too good to go down. Blackburn seemingly need a radical transformation and Wigan are perhaps lucky to be in the division anyway. There's plenty of football left and Wolves, Sunderland and the three that came up could still have a part to play where relegation is concerned.
Tom Bedford

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