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The Old Man United: Why I Miss The Old Days, Ways, And Players

Sunday 15th January 2017
I am going to go ahead and say it, “I miss the old Manchester United.” I believed in their style, their play, their domination of the Premier League, and their ability to reenergize themselves to be practically unbeatable under the leadership of Alex Ferguson. It's pretty much to do with some of the old players/ways of Man U.
Paul Pogba is wondrous to watch when he is on the top of his form. The midfielder can practically pick a pass out of nowhere, and deliver a pass with such grace - no kidding, causing some tremendous assists for his team. He's aware of what is around him and exercises the field and space that is available. I like Pogba, but I liked Cristiano Ronaldo even more - when he participated for Man United.

Ronaldo is light years away now; collecting awards upon awards for his style of play and goals. He attracts both negativity and positivity from fans and supporters, and is usually the hottest topic of debate, which is, “who is the greatest? Lionel Messi, or Cristiano Ronaldo?” The talks could go on for hours, and at Manchester United, he stole the limelight - time and time again. Flair, Ronaldo had flair. The ball seemed as if it was magnetically attached to his feet, as he moved with gravity beneath him.

When Ronaldo departed to Real Madrid - Wayne Rooney was able to flourish into his hot seat - and be the commanding presence of the attack. Rooney was the pioneer of the forward line, and that sparkle he had is now missed: -

A young Rooney was a powerhouse to behold - wasn't he? I mean; even after scoring a hat-trick in his debut with Manchester United, you could tell he was destined to be a liable wonder-kid. He raised the bar, showboated them to 3 Premier League titles - was beyond his years with his footballing ability, and was as hungry as a predatory forward should be.

Rooney's goals and continuous appearances throughout 2008 – 2012 - was plentiful and bountiful: 200 appearances, and over 34 goals in 44 games - this was the 2009-10 season, and Rooney even went on to top that; winning the Player of The Year Award and becoming England's, as well as Manchester United's captain.

The troopers: Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Roy Keane, Gary Neville - and his brother, Edwin Van Der Sar was a legend of a goalkeeper, and Ruud Van Nistelrooy was a striker that rarely had a goal gloat with United. I loved Van Nistelrooy because he had creativity, placement of shot accuracy, could beat his man, and would rarely miss. He had a whopping 140 goals for Manchester United, and won the title ‘European record goal-scorer.'

Also, John O'Shea, a player who made 400 appearances because he was a solid defender who worked hard for his team and had a good work rate. These are only a few of the old players who were so successful at Old Trafford. The Manchester United of today will never be like the old days.
Christine Reynolds
I would say that I'm a writer of many flavors. I did a-bit of music journalism - I want to do this full time. I've done some content writing, editing and freelance work, and other various media/music related work. I've written for various blogs and magazines (up and coming,) and hope to be a fully fledged writer; earning the big bucks and stirring my readers. Au revoir.

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