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Old McDonald had a farm - Neil unveiled as Blackpool boss

Wednesday 3rd June 2015
Where do I begin with Blackpool? Having rose from lower league obscurity to the Premier League, they have rapidly descended back to lower league obscurity. In a situation 100 times worse than that of Newcastle United, is there any way back for the Seasiders, who yesterday named Neil McDonald as their new manager?

Karl Oyston must be the most despised owner in football. Former manager Lee Clark, who resigned from the club just a few weeks ago, admits that he regrets taking the job at Bloomfield Road. And why? Because the club is going downwards quicker and crashing more than The Smiler at Alton Towers. Clark, who remained positive during his time at Birmingham City where he was working under difficult circumstances, found his Blackpool tenure nigh on impossible. This was a typical case of jumping out of the frying pan in to the fire. After being removed as boss at St. Andrew's, Clark was quickly in talks with Blackpool. Fellow professionals, his wife and friends all warned him to steer clear of the vacancy - but as Clark claims, he is a 'football man' and wanted to get back into the managerial business. He admits that all managers have an ego and think they can achieve the impossible - and he is no different. When Clark left Birmingham, his stock was still fairly high and he could have taken some time out to regroup and land himself a steady League One job, something he now acknowledges he should have done.

During his sting at Bloomfield Road, Clark spoke of his problem on and off the field. He had a striker missing for half a season with a 'tooth ache' and players begging him to let them leave the club for the good of their career. Then there was Oyston. Many fans labelled Clark 'Oyston's puppet' which the Geordie insists was simply 'not true'. After Oyston caught wind of a planned demonstration by fans, he removed a statue of club legend Stan Mortensen and chucked it in a shed. Fans then took to the pitch to protest during the final game of the season against Clark's old club Huddersfield - leading to the abandonment of the fixture.

Enough was enough. Clark was off.

Oyston yesterday confirmed Neil McDonald as the new manager. The former West Ham assistant manager who left Upton Park with Sam Allardyce at the seasons end, signed a one-year rolling deal and starts a summer of rebuilding. But this is no ordinary rebuilding job. This time last year, Jose Riga was left with only a handful of players and had to sign players just to make up the numbers. No surprise then that they were struggling from the word go. The eventual squad was put together so late in the summer that they didn't get a full pre-season and suffered injuries and avoidable knocks because of this. McDonald is now left with the almighty task of attracting new faces to a depleted squad and in a quick manner. Then he has to win the dejected supporters over before trying to make a fist of keeping Oyston happy.

Blackpool will not be the favorites for an instant promotion back to the Championship and McDonald will have his work cut out. The 49 year-old told the club's official website - "I've got to try and put my stamp on the football club and get it back to where it was. I've got to try and stabilise it first of all after what happened last year with relegation and change people's minds to try and get the confidence back and push the club on to pastures new." Good luck Neil. Let me know if you want a noose.

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