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One tantrum too many for Tevez

Tuesday 20th September 2011
It's got to the point now where at the start of the transfer window, football fans dread those same four words; “The Carlos Tevez Saga”.

I'm bored of it; football fans countrywide are bored of it; and by the looks of it, Roberto Mancini and his staff at City are equally sick of the seemingly habitual antics of their former captain.

Patience with the Argentine terrier may finally have run out, and who else can Tevez blame but himself?

His proven track record of throwing his proverbial toys out the pram speaks for itself.

He shot to cult-hero status at West Ham United after almost single-handedly keeping the club in the Premier League, but such was the level of admiration for him, his show of contempt off the pitch went almost entirely unnoticed.

He began to slack off in training and argue with the manager. He stormed out of Upton Park after being substituted and promptly refused his team-chosen forfeit of having to wear a Brazil shirt for training with all the grace of a six year old refusing to have a bath.

However he still moved to Manchester a legend at the Boleyn Ground, and his new club's supporters took to him just as kindly. Some industrial performances and important goals helped decorate his time at United with silverware, but the signing of Dimitar Berabtov shook his confidence, and once again he was back to his old tricks.

The well known social commentator that is Gary Neville had his say on the matter, and penned in his recent book that once Tevez felt slightly unwanted at United, his effort levels at the training ground noticeably dipped. The Argentine's “love of a massage”, as described by Neville, in surprisingly witty fashion it has to be said, did not go unnoticed by Sir Alex, and once again he was on his way.

After his summer switch to City, he somewhat impressively became a hero on the blue side of Manchester as well. He became the clubs poster boy, literally in this case, but unsurprisingly once it became clear he wasn't going to be the only world-class striker on the books at Eastlands, the troubles started.

The City faithful forgave him once, but a second time doesn't look so certain. A year on, and City boast one of the strongest squads in Europe and look a completely different team.

Bellemy, Santa Cruz and Adebeyor are all very good attacking players, but nowhere near the level of Aguero, Silva, Nasri or even former boo-boy Edin Dzeko.

The new arrivals have not just provided Tevez  with competition for his place, but actually snatched it from him, and with such flair and vigour that after some laboured substitute appearances, the former City hero is now in danger of being left out of the match-day squad altogether.

Chicken-hat wearing, bib-fighting, odd-hair sporting bad boy Mario Balotelli has even put his iPad down and decided to buck his ideas up in training, which should send alarm bells ringing in the ears of Tevez, if his lack of first-team opportunities hasn't already.

Maybe he should take a leaf out of Balotelli's book and try working his way back into the side, because it won't be long until the rest of world football is just as sick of the “Tevez Saga” as we are, and he ends up fading away into footballing obscurity. What a waste that would be.
Sam Oakford

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