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Ozil, Aguero, Koscienly and De Gea are the only World Class players in the Premier League, agree?

Sunday 11th September 2016
This is definitely going to annoy some of you, but hey that's what I like to do. After Scholes made the ludicrous claim that Agüero, Silva and De Bruyne were the only world class players in the Premier League, I felt compelled to speak up.

The term world class gets thrown about all too casually nowadays, a player can literally get called WC for having a few good games & scoring a few free kicks, (cough, cough Payet), it's stupid. In my humble opinion, only Agüero, Özil, Koscielny & De Gea can be deemed to be world class from our league. For me, a player has to be considered as one of the best in their position in the world for a sustained period of time to qualify for the honour. Consistent performances and game-changing moments help separate the elite from the rest. Who you rate as world class may or may not vary depending on your club bias, but the definition of the term is as clear as day. The term 'world class' is dictionary defined as:

(Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition, 2011: 386)

"Amongst the best" = top 3 or 4 in that position.

"international standard of excellence" = can get into any starting XI in the World.

And going by this definition a lot of the players who you dub as world class are simply not. It's not about how good you think they are, it's about how good they are in relation to their peers. This is why only these four PL players are WC in my opinion.

Mesut Özil:

The master of illusion, the wizard of Germany and the saviour of  Arsenal. It's hard to think of enough superlatives to describe Mesut Özil but he simply is magic. In an Arsenal team void of attacking quality, he has managed to carry his team to three consecutive top 4 finishes (4th, 3rd and 2nd).

"Oh but top 4's not that a big deal."

Ask United and Chelsea how big a deal it is, they've lost millions in tournament money recently due to failures to finish amongst the elites of England. Özil has spared the blushes of the London club many a time. Last season alone, the German mustered up 19 assists in the league, the 2nd highest total in history. And it's even more impressive when you understand the poor attacking quality around him. Since his debut in 2012 Özil has created 277 chances with only a measly 32 being converted, 11.55%.

Whether you like his body language or not, his stats speak volumes.

Sergio Agüero:

"Manchester City would not be where they are without Agüero, no matter how much money spent, no matter how many players signed. They simply would not have achieved what they have."

Neil Custis.

Officially the most clinical PL striker in history, Sergio Agüero has elevated Manchester City to whole another level, which is what world class players do. Spending big money doesn't always guarantee you success but the £38m City spent on Agüero seems like peanuts in today's markets. The Argentinean averages an incredible 107.1 mins per goal. In a world where Suarez, Lewandowski & Benzema constantly wow the world, it's amazing to think that Agüero is arguably better than all of them. We truly are blessed to have him in the Premier League.

Laurent Koscielny:

The boss, the general, the French rock. From Ligue 2 to world class. Koscielny has developed at a rate that no one other than Wenger could have ever imagined. When Wenger forked out £10m on an unknown division 2 lightweight in 2010, many fans went crazy claiming he should've signed Christopher Samba instead, lol. But Koscielny has come a long way to become a fan favourite and an expert's first pick.

Marcel Desailly.

It's sometimes hard to gauge the impact of a defender on his team but if you look at the win/loss ratios with and without him you'll see why he's Arsenal's most influential player. Without Koscielny Arsenal have won just 39% of games compared to 73% with him. That's not stats favouring a narrative, that's a definitive pattern.

David De Gea:

One of the few all-rounders in the game, David de Gea is truly the definition of world class. He excels at everything whilst being the standard bearer of shot stopping in world football. His hands have bailed his club out on countless occasions, yes it actually could have been worse for United over the past three years without the Spaniard. Winning three club player of the year awards in a row reinforces his influence.

" He is the number one in the world."

Ander Herrera.

Goalkeeper's suffer the unrelenting burden that one mistake by them is usually fatal while outfielders can be afforded countless slip ups without consequence. Keepers toe the line of being an asset and liability every single game and De Gea rides it with class.
Our league is so blessed to have these four players dominating our league at one time, we'll look back one day and smile as we reminisce. Notable on the cusp mentions go to: Mkhitaryan, Sanchez, Hazard, Pogba, De Bruyne and Courtois. Notice how there's not an English player in sight, I'm struggling to even think of one Englishman that could get near to the list. Oh well. Let's also not forget that the 'world class' concept is relative to the quality present within that time frame. A player who is world class in one era may not be in another, it's not a universal standard of quality, it's a temporal measure.

At the end of the day, this is just my opinion, who else do you think from the PL could stand toe to toe with Messi and Ronaldo?
Mathaeus Abuwa

Arsenal fan with ample amounts of passion for both Cristiano Ronaldo & Real Madrid. I'm one of those bandwagonist hipster fans that will claim to know everything about football, but only watches the El Clasico outside of the Premier League. Forgive me, I'm trying. Oh yeah, #WengerOut. 

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