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Pen outta ink?

Tuesday 26th July 2011
Being a football fan in Australia is hard work.

Being a Tottenham Hotspur fan is hard work.

Being a Tottenham Hotspur fan in Australia is damn near impossible. Especially when it's transfer window time.

Scouring the internet at all times of the day and night searching and hoping for information about possible new signings and hearing 'Arry tell us we are one or two signings away from being contenders. All well and good if you are willing to make these signings but it appears at this stage that every single superstar we are linked with either costs too much upfront or demands wages above our clubs policy. It appears that we are only interested in absolute bargains which in reality has only worked once in recent history with Van Der Vaart.

The latest is of course Vucinic, an extremely talented striker. We appeared to have the chance to sign him but wouldn't cough upasking price (we were only a couple of mil away) and now enter Manchester United who will put massive wages in the players head and then even if they don't sign him, I can almost guarentee he won't settle for our poor excuse for a wage plan. The other option we have is Adebayor, once again a quality striker - attitude aside, the only problem is his 170,000 pound wage bill. Our solution, take him on loand and let city pay at least half. All well and good but it is only a temporary solution.

My solution, as controversial as it might be, let Modric go for the right price + Sturridge, sell Crouch, Defoe and Keane and sign a world class striker. All the spurs fans are acting as if Modric leaving would be the worst thing that could happen. I disagree, Modric wanting to leave is the worst thing to happen because his heart wont be in it. Cash in and let Kranjcar fill his boots.

Failing that, lets just run with what we have now and slip back into mediocraty. At least then my hopes wont be as high.

Cameron Hall

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