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Should the Peterborough Chairman sell up?

Monday 13th March 2017
Peterborough United chairman, Darragh MacAnthony so far has had a 10-year love affair with the Cambridgeshire side. Being part of numerous promotions, and relegations, the Irishman stated, on Twitter, that if the Posh failed to get promoted this season he would sell up. Should he stay or should he go?

Many football fans, including those at Peterborough United, admire MacAnthony for his transparency to all fans involved. His regular interaction with fans over his Twitter account proved his level of dedication to the club, understanding that without fans, there is no club. Despite being involved in trouble in his former business MRI Overseas, including a trip to the Spanish court a number of times, MacAnthony seems to do business extremely well at the club.
He's managed to purchase superstars during their raw talent days in the likes of Dwight Gayle, George Boyd, Lee Tomlin, Craig Mackail-Smith, Aaron McClean, Joe Lewis; the list goes on. The total revenue received from these players, during a 4 year period, is over £15million. Considering he bought these players for less than £500,000 each, the profit is outstanding for a smaller League One club. However, one question is, where is all the money going? After selling Dwight Gayle, the club made a £7.5million profit in 6 months, and nowhere near this amount was spent on players. Currently, the Posh lack talent more than ever, with no recognised starting striker at the club, it's hard to see how they'll manage to gain promotion.

MacAnthony does bring vision to the club, however. He has aspirations of returning to the Championship, firmly believing that the club belongs in the English second tier. Surely he would pour more money into players and coaches should they get into the Championship, learning his own lessons from his previous attempts. A team such as Peterborough will struggle to survive if they implement the same budget as beforehand. The Championship was the fifth highest spending league in the world in the summer of 2016, with Aston Villa pouring as much as £30million on players to still find themselves outside of the playoffs. MacAnthony will need to spend, and spend big.

So far, if Darragh is to stick to his word, it looks as if a new owner will be sought after in a couple of months time. Having accumulated another disappointing loss, this time to Oxford, last Saturday, the boys in blue are 8 points off the League One play-off places, with a goal difference of 0, also with teams around them having up to 3 games in hand over the Posh. If they're to make it a memorable season then manager, Grant McCann needs to make some changes around the place and work a miracle.

Despite MacAnthony's bold statement at the start of the season, selling up would be a tough choice for him. A 10-year romance with the Posh could come to a halt. Whether he would honour his word, we'll have to wait and see, but something says that he wouldn't find it that easy to make the split.
Jack Drury
19 years of age. Sport and Exercise Science Student at Loughborough University. Peterborough United.

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