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Players who should never have left Manchester United

Wednesday 26th July 2017
The transfer market can be very confusing at times. Players come and go as heroes, villains and even forgotten entities in some instances but some moves aren't always right for the professionals of the beautiful game. 

Manchester United have something of a chequered past in the market and especially in the Premier League era, have let some stellar talents slip away.

David Beckham

Easily one of the most recognisable footballers in the world, David Beckham burst onto the scene at Manchester United alongside the rest of the Class of '92. The incredibly gifted midfielder spent nigh on 11 years at Old Trafford but was shown the exit door to Real Madrid when Sir Alex Ferguson grew tired of his celebrity marriage/status interfering with his football.

Beckham could've stayed at United as long as his friends Scholes, Giggs and Gary Neville were able to but for his burgeoning celebrity status boiling over - we'll never know what might've been as Becks plied his trade in Spain, America, Italy and France instead of remaining with the Red Devils.

Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez

Rumoured to be close to a Premier League return, Javier Hernandez arrived at Manchester United off the back of a superb showing at the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Little was known about Chicharito before his arrival but he soon endeared himself to the fans with his comedic finish in the 2010/11 Community Shield.
157 appearances and 59 goals in all competitions for United might not seem like an incredible record but Hernandez has one of the most impressive minutes per goal average in Premier League history averaging 130.2 minutes per goal - outperforming United's previous Super Sub: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Sadly, Louis Van Gaal sent Hernandez on loan to Real Madrid instead of retaining his services during a dismal campaign for goal scoring before shipping him off to Bayer Leverkusen - United could've won the title under Van Gaal with Hernandez' goal contributions, in my opinion.

Patrice Evra & Nemanja Vidic

Two of the best defenders in Premier League history, regular captains Evra and Vidic both departed Manchester United in 2014 as Louis Van Gaal took the reins at the club from David Moyes. Evra had signed a one-year contract extension just two months before he left the club but still found himself bound for Juventus; Vidic opted against signing a new deal.

Age meant nothing to either player as Evra continues to play (now at Marseille) and Vidic only retired in January 2016 - a few more years of solidarity would've been much appreciated, frankly.

Cristiano Ronaldo

A list of this nature can't ignore one of Sir Alex Ferguson's favourites - Ronaldo may have broken records and netted himself more awards than he might've in England but he would never have been booed by his own fans at Old Trafford.

Eric Cantona

Yet another iconic Man Utd number 7; Eric Cantona's surprise retirement in 1997 saw the legendary Frenchman miss out on winning the unique treble of 1999 and led the then 30-year-old into playing Beach Football for a time - something he still has an interest in.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Not a player but boy do we miss the great Sir Alex Ferguson.
Kristian Webb
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