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Pogba... Don't worry be happy..

Thursday 1st March 2012
Paul Pogba is a player full of potential who is causing a huge stir at the moment due to the fact he may be leaving MUFC. Although I can appreciate the fact that the player has huge amounts of potential, that is all he has at the moment - POTENTIAL. Potential and a puppet master of an agent behind him - Mino Raiola. The same agent who looks after those not so shrinking violets Mario Balotelli and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The same agent who's reputation within the game does not leave a lot to be desired.

Paul Pogba is yet to play a full ninety minutes for the first team - Whilst I appreciate his performances for the reserve team have been excellent, and we have also seen glimpse's of what he can do against Stoke City, there is nothing to suggest he can cut it at the highest level week in and week out. His performances in the Carling Cup were average at best. This is also a player who has players  at a higher level in front of him AND who is nowhere near guaranteed first team action. Essentially this is an 18 year old who, be it through his agent or otherwise, is demanding £45k to stay at the club.  Fans are demanding the club cave into the players wage demands and sign the him up. Does anybody remember the last player that the fans were demanding the club give into demands and sign was? Carlos Tevez - And we all now realise what a liabilty he can be.

Sir Alex Ferguson is a man who has a proven track record in keeping players who he knows will cut it at the highest level and who is not afraid to let go of the players that he believes will not make the grade. I fail to see any player that Ferguson has let go move onto bigger and better things and I challenge anybody else that says otherwise. Even the great Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes he is a phenomenal talent, but if you compare what he has won at Real Madrid to what he won at Manchester United there is no comparison.

The situation with Ravel Morrison also caused similar noises. Why? This player again has huge talent, but also a huge ego to match. Trouble seems to follow the player around. Sir Alex Ferguson knew this and realised the only way to give Ravel a chance in the game was to let him move away from Manchester and his not so friendly entourage; all the way to London. How many appearances has Ravel made since joining West Ham United? None. This is despite the demands of the Championship and the number of injuries and suspensions around the squad. David Gold was asked on Twitter when Ravel will start making appearances for West Ham. His reply - Ravel's time will come. Not exactly a huge statement of intent for the player. I fear the worst for Morrison and his career. Hopefully I am wrong but I can only think that he will be another player who has sadly fallen to the wayside.

IF the club was to give in to the players demands and offer him the £45k he is allegedly asking for, where will that leave us in 6 months time? If the player does somehow push his way into the first team and is a regular starter, no doubt he will then request another contract re-negotiation. More money, another signing on fee and more money in his agents pocket. If the opposite happens, we are left with a player who will be 19 years of age, playing reserve team football, and earning a salary of £45k a week. If you were to imagine the bigger picture do you think this would cause resentment in the dressing room? I have no doubts it will. Not only that, if we do give into his wage demands where does that leave us with other players who have shown potential? The Keane brothers, Ryan Tunnicliffe, Ben Amos, Ezekiel Friers? The list is endless.

The argument that the club doesn't have the money to spend on Pogba's wages does not sit well with me. I have no doubts that IF Sir Alex Ferguson had every faith in the players ability AND attitude he would ensure that the owners would find the money to pay the players demands.

If the player stays at the club and lowers his demands - Excellent. If he doesn't and he moves on - I wish him the best of luck, but I for one won't be weeping over it.
Craig Taylor

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