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Premier League players: We won't see anything like them again

Friday 5th May 2017
The Premier League has seen some of the best and worst players of all time but it's safe to say that, in some cases, we'll never see their like again. Week in, week out; we are treated to some superb showings from great players and awful performances from others - but who are we referring to when we say 'we won't see anything like him again':

Eric Cantona

The 'King' had a pretty rough time in England at first, as he was rather misunderstood at Leeds United. So much so, that the Yorkshire side allowed Eric Cantona move to their fiercest of rivals; Manchester United.

That goal at Sunderland, the kung fu kick, his unbelievable presence on the pitch and, of course, the up-turned collar. Cantona had fans and enemies, both of whom respected the unshakeable image of arrogant brilliance that he possessed. We've seen overconfidence in the Premier League since Eric's time but never to the extent of the Frenchman's swagger - we'll never see the like again.

Didier Drogba

Many people despised Didier Drogba when he arrived at Chelsea in 2004 as the Ivorian was a bullish striker who loved nothing more than to show off his obvious talents - abilities that are now hailed as utterly unique.

Drogba was a beast in the box and very rarely missed the target which made him virtually unplayable against less physically imposing centre-backs. Even if he found a physical match, his ability with the ball at his feet could deceive his opponents into showing the narrowest of sights on goal; the trigger was pulled and the net usually bulged.

Romelu Lukaku is very much in Drogba's image but will never live up to the Ivorian's presence on the pitch - he is universally adored these days and you can't say that of many former Chelsea players.

Matt Le Tissier

The Channel Islands gifted Le Tiss to Southampton in 1986 and the 'well built' midfielder went on to make more than 400 appearances for the Saints - but his loyalty isn't why we'll never see his like again.

161 goals from midfield is also impressive but it happens to be Matt Le Tissier's uncanny ability from 12 yards that sees him as a Premier League legend - in my eyes at least. He scored 47 times from 48 penalties and that is utterly ludicrous, and a testament to Le Tissier's ability as an intelligent footballer. Loyalty, ability and superb set pieces can't ever be matched as far as I'm concerned.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Barring some incredible transfer in the next few years; Cristiano won't be seen in the Premier League again. The mercurial forward is arguably the best player of all time but equally a tantrum waiting to happen - it's not just his skills that brought him to this list.

Arriving from the bench against Bolton, Ronaldo's hi-jinks utterly baffled the Premier League from the word go and he never ceased to amaze with his talents. Firmly installing the stepover, knuckleball and ridiculous shirtless celebration into Premier League history - there will never be another Cristiano Ronaldo.

Honourable Mentions

Thierry Henry, Denis Bergkamp and Robert Pires of Arsenal were all truly exceptional players; Patrick Viera too. Bergkamp was winding down when he arrived in England and various other arguments can be made as to why their like may be seen again.
Kristian Webb
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