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Premier League Predictions - Matchday 27

Friday 2nd March 2012
Liverpool 1-2 Arsenal

I really don't want to take anything away from Liverpool's cup win because they did deserve it but after such a great match, the way they won the game felt a bit dirty.

I would rather have seen them score all their penalties while Cardiff bottled it (as they normally do) but as they missed their first two as well, it all left a bit of a bitter taste.

Anyway, well done to Liverpool but don't start thinking all that stupid spending has been justified, Henderson looked very poor all the time he was on the pitch. Nice to see what £20 million can get you these days.

As for this game, the focus is more on Arsenal. Was that comeback against Spurs purely down to the pressure of the occasion or is it a sign that they will push on and maybe snatch third? They are on a bit of a run at the moment and I reckon they will keep it going.

Last season, after Birmingham had won the Carling Cup, their next result was a defeat at home that soured the atmosphere some what. I might as well say that will happen again.

Blackburn 2-1 Aston Villa

Another big game for Villa. It looks like any patience that the Villa fans had left with McLeish has now gone after the draw at Wigan.

He needs to beat Blackburn but I don't think he will. Blackburn have been alright against the teams around them and they seem to play their best football right around the time the protests start again. The only way the pressure will be eased on either manager is with a win, a draw just won't cut it at the moment.

Man City 3-0 Bolton

City have picked up now after a poor start (by their standards) to the new year. I imagine this will be a pretty similar scoreline to last weekend's game against Blackburn. I still can't believe what has happened to Bolton this season.

I really thought Coyle would do a decent job for them but come the end of the season, 16th would be a good finish for them. That was pretty much where they were finishing with Megson and we all remember how they felt about him.

QPR 0-1 Everton

At one point, the QPR team must have looked at the last four matches and predicted between nine and 12 points being picked up. The fact that they only have one point is disgraceful. I just can't see where they are going to get the points to keep them safe, the "winnable" games are disappearing pretty quickly.

They have another massive game next week at Bolton. If they don't win here or at Bolton, for me, they are gone. Their last four games consists of Spurs, Chelsea, Stoke and City. They are in real danger. Everton on the other hand are doing very well.

They are in great form and I would be surprised if they didn't get at least a point at Loftus Road.

Stoke 1-0 Norwich

Stoke ended a horrific run by getting a good win against Swansea. I think they will follow it up with another three points to more or less confirm their place in the Premier League for yet another season. Norwich are fine.

They are currently eighth, just four points behind Liverpool and are in no danger of going down. For anyone who still thinks they are, can you really imagine three of the bottom five getting 14 more points than Norwich in the last 12 games?

Norwich now need to start thinking how they are going to avoid being effected by second season syndrome.

West Brom 1-2 Chelsea

I always thought West Brom would have a good season but up until now, they did look in danger of being dragged into a relegation battle. They have two unexpected big wins to thank for their pretty comfortable position.

Had Chelsea not got such a good win against Bolton, I would have said West Brom to win, or maybe to draw. I know Bolton are not the sternest of tests but Chelsea had been equally poor against everyone before last week.

This should be quite an open, attacking game of football so I will give this the honour of being my 'Humdinger of the Weekend'.

Wigan 1-1 Swansea

This is a bit of a funny one. Wigan are unbeaten in three while Swansea have lost the last two. A draw looks most likely but I do think there is a pretty good chance of Swansea giving Wigan a bit of a mauling.

Newcastle 1-2 Sunderland

I think the two results for these teams last weekend are going to have a major effect on the outcome of this game. Newcastle's result against Wolves seemed a lot more deflating.

The away side had been in turmoil all week and looked to be heading for a big defeat but they some how managed to turn it around, so all credit to Terry Connor.

Sunderland got a footballing lesson from West Brom but that seems more like the kick up the bottom they needed after looking unbeatable for a few months.

It is going to be interesting to see which set of players is more up for this as for the first time in a while both teams look about equal. I think Sunderland will just edge it but I do get the feeling this could end up being any score.

Fulham 2-0 Wolves

As I said before, fair play to Terry Connor for getting a very decent point at Newcastle. This actually seems like a similar game for them, one they probably would have lost under McCarthy and are expected to lose under Connor.

Fulham, like West Brom and Everton, are starting to pick up points and move up the table at just the right time. I think they are going to make it three wins on the bounce.

Tottenham 2-2 Man Utd

I feel like this should be a better game than it will be. Had Spurs beaten Arsenal, this game could still have had some effect on the title race. Spurs seem just that little bit too far off the pace to still be in with a real shout for the title.

If they want some silverware they need to really put some more effort into the FA Cup. That being said, I don't think they will lose.

The match will be alright but a draw will be a much more important result for Spurs. They need to make sure they don't lose two in a row while United need to keep ground on City. It will be a close one.
Oliver Friend
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