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Premier League preview: A look at how all 20 teams are shaping up

Friday 10th August 2018

This Premier League season promises even more excitement than usual. Positive, attacking football is spreading from club to club like a disease that makes you young and invigorated. Manchester City, Tottenham, Liverpool, Chelsea, Fulham, Wolverhampton Wanderers. There's a new onslaught of talented players coming into various clubs.

That said, the top six clubs have been a bit disappointing. Excepting Liverpool, none made a dent in the market. The lower table clubs are splashing cash like children whose parents have purchased an inflatable wading pool. 

Wolves and Fulham have taken the market by storm. Brighton have brought in new talent for the upcoming season as well. West Ham and Everton joined the fun thanks to new management.

Here's a look at all 20 clubs.

Premier League Fixtures
Sayantan Dasgupta

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