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Is the Premier League too top-heavy?

Sunday 1st October 2017
With a brand new season well underway, the Premier League has already had some massive thrashings. Manchester City have destroyed teams on multiple occasions so far, as have Manchester United. Chelsea and Tottenham have also enjoyed good starts along with Liverpool and Arsenal. Despite this, is the Barclays Premier League being ruined with six teams have huge superiority?

Many called a season-long race for the title between the two Manchester giants. Well, so far they're correct. As mentioned, City have scored goal after goal so far, topping the lot with 22 goals scored in the opening seve  games. While averaging almost four goals a game is impressive, conceding just two goals over the course of the season so far is just as impressive. Both clubs have piled money into their squads, with City spending over £500million, combined, over the past three seasons. Notably, United forked out £75,000,000 for Romelu Lukaku while spending over £30,000,000 on Matic. Clearly, spending money pays off in the Premier League.

Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool have also spent plenty over the past few years, achieving success too. There seems to be a strong correlation between expenditure on players and success. Although that might be obvious, it definitely hasn't always been the case. Leicester City defied all odds in taking home Premier League glory, while Brighton, Bournemouth and Huddersfield also shocked fans by climbing up to the top flight. With all the money surrounding the most commercialised league in the World, it's all up for grabs in terms of prize money, television and radio rights, advertising and much more. You can't blame the clubs for attempting to get all the money they can. At the end of the day owning a football club is a business. However, as the money available increases, season after season, so does the divide between the top six and the rest.

The evidence is all there to see in plain sight. Currently, the 'top six' teams mentioned previously, all occupy the top seven places, with only Watford upsetting the trend. Manchester United have also dominated games, with their full squad too much for most of the rest of the competition. Liverpool have a frightening attack, which has proven themselves so far scoring a hatful of goals. Surely there will come a point where fans, particularly neutral, will expect teams such as Spurs and Chelsea to beat teams by two, three or four goals, taking the excitement away. Perhaps the Premier League can do more than just Financial Fair Play to restrict clubs from spending more.

However, the current rules that you can only spend a certain percentage of revenue that you make over the course of the season, seems fair enough. Financial fair play ensures that football clubs are ran as businesses, instead of one wealthy owner pumping money into the club, making a huge loss, just to fund their hobby.

It would be great if teams such as West Ham, West Brom, Bournemouth and others from the southern divide in the table could realistically challenge for a European spot at least. While the Premier League currently is extremely exciting, in a few years it could become terribly tedious.
Jack Drury
19 years of age. Sport and Exercise Science Student at Loughborough University. Peterborough United.

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