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Priceless Points, Possession And Even Plaudits From Pundits.

Sunday 12th February 2012
I'm beginning to understand how difficult it must be to work on the sports desk at the Manchester Evening News. Most weeks are the same. The team turns up, the team dominates the opposition, the team scores more goals than the opposition, the team goes home with the points. How do you keep it fresh? How do you keep it interesting? It's difficult. Well, it's getting that way for us Norwich fans now as well. We did it again yesterday.

The match itself was superb. Swansea are a class outfit and I wish them all the success in the world now that we've bagged all the points we can from them this season. They should be absolutely fine and are a joy to watch when they get their game going.

To go to the Liberty and play the way we did was awesome. I was not alone in thinking that this trip was tricky. I would have taken a point before the game. To be honest, I wasn't even expecting that.

Our set up and tactics were spot on again. Lord Lambert of Norwich continues to demonstrate why he will one day (not too soon I hope!) take on one of the “big six” clubs and will win things. We pressed Swansea from the off and It worked. If you followed the #swans hashtag on Twitter you'll have seen the Swansea fans screaming that we were playing “dirty, cheating, fouling” football. That is precisely what we were doing. By pressing hard, being physical and breaking Swansea's stride we took control of the game. It was an utterly professional job and totally planned. You can see that from the statistics. We had 53% of the possession, away from home, against the ‘Welsh Barca'. Job done. I do hope Swansea have a plan B as I genuinely want them to do well but everyone else will have seen what we did to them yesterday. It's going to happen a lot more Swansea, be prepared.

We played neat, slick passing football of our own and took our goals well. Elliot Ward was immense, as was John Ruddy. There wasn't a single bad performance. The team continues to motor. The win takes us to 35 points. There's a debate in this house as to whether that's already enough and we are in fact already safe. I'd like to see a couple more wins on the board to guarantee it but I think we might already be there.

Our post match routine these days involves debates on the radio whilst #hashtagging away on Twitter. The mood in the Norwich camp was (and still is) almost euphoric. These are the headiest of days. We must embrace them, enjoy them, and remember them. We've walked a long, dark path to get here. Enjoy it my friends!

And then we come to Match Of The Day. Surely a 2-3 belter takes centre stage? Not a chance. Twenty minutes discussing the various insults flying between over inflated, arrogant egocentric and unpleasant ‘superstars' was deemed more important. Yes, it needs to be discussed but these idiots are ruining the game. I want my youngest to be watching a beautiful, flowing football match full of highs and lows. I want them to fall in love with the game, like I did. I don't want them watching those hideous, crass, intellectually challenged, selfish individuals make fools out of themselves, and us. As for our game? Hansen and Shearer were complementary. Lineker seems to think both Norwich and Swansea are safe. I'd agree on all counts.

So, next up it is Leicester in the cup and then Man Utd in the league. Both are winnable games. I fancy a cup run and another big scalp in the next few weeks.
Will Burden

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