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Profit Over Pride - Stadium Renaming

Friday 11th November 2011
We are exchanging our rich heritage of the game for yet another method of marketing.

119 years the stadium was called St. James' Park and now in the blink of an eye it's yet another brand, another slogan in our poisonous game. The game in our country has become one big marketing tool, the heritage lost and the raw soul of the game is depleting by the day. We look at the clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, the Milan clubs, their owners wouldn't dare turn their back on the rich history that their stadium names hold to trade it for an enterprise, a profit, nothing more than another slogan its insulting to the game, the clubs history and the fans

What would the Milan fans do it Silvio Berlusconi said "I've decided to re-name the 'San Siro' the 'Lamborghini arena'? There would be uproar so why do we see it fit to change the names of stadiums at our will? Will future generations have to deal with "The Sports Direct Arena" "AIG Trafford" "Samsung Bridge" and so on? It's safe to say that I'm not a fan.

To wipe away not just a name but part of a clubs history is wrong and shouldn't be done, surely the fans deserve a say somewhere? After all it's their club a club that they are proud of, through all the ups and all the downs. Mike Ashley should expect a huge protest from Newcastle fans, he's not a popular figure with them as it is surely this will only sizzle their bacon even more?

The papers are saying that the money generated from the deal will go back into the club to strengthen the squad, no disrespect to Newcastle as a club or the fans but i just don't see that happening, the club have made empty promises before and I have a feeling they will do it again.

This is much more than renaming a stadium, it's about identity, pride, passion history and heritage and Newcastle United Football Club is rich in all of that. I hate to see the glass half empty but I feel that this is just one of many stories that will be unfolding soon, selling the naming rights for more money, losing the respect of fans across the country.
Ryan Conway
Aspiring sports journalist, currently studying at Huddersfield University. Twitter: @razzamuffin92

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