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QPR's money shy owners could cost the club it's Premiership status

Sunday 24th July 2011
They've been away for 15 years, so you would think that QPR's mega rich board would be trying to do everything possible to make sure it's not just a one year stay in England's top flight. With Neil Warnock admitting earlier this week that the club were unlikely to resign England striker Peter Crouch, things are looking rather glum in Shepard's Bush.

In 2007, QPR were taken over by Formula 1 supremo's Bernie Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore, which catapulted the struggling West London club into new found riches. And later that year the Mittal family, headed by Lakshmi Mittal (the world's 5th richest person!) also invested in a 20% stake, you would think then, that QPR would spend big to gain promotion quickly. Lakshmi has only spent £200,000 on new players since he arrived 4 years ago; some players in the premier league earn that in a week.

It's perhaps important to point out that Lakshmi has no real interest in football at all, he owns a private box at QPR near rivals Chelsea and attended the 2006 Fifa World Cup but outside of that Lakshmi just isn't an admirer of the beautiful game. To put that into context he spent £40 million pounds on his daughter's wedding in Paris, a sum Warnock would like to be able to have at his disposal over the summer.

QPR look certain not to strengthen this summer, and even if their 6 million pound bid for Peter Crouch is accepted, the England man would have to halve his wages and how many footballers are taking a pay cut?



And even before Abel Taraabt £13 million move to Paris St. Germain broke down, Warnock didn't expect to receive a penny of that fee to help strengthen his team. The question for QPR now is, is their squad good enough to survive the Premiership? And is Taraabt good enough to single handily keep them up? I doubt it considering he doesn't want to stay and has his heart set on a move out of Loftus Road.

After everything Warnock has been through, you would have thought signing for a club with rich owners would be a job that would have a nice type of pressure attached to it. Sadly, it's just the latest club that Warnock has had trouble with, Owners that don't want to spend and star players who want to leave. It isn't looking for good for Warnock's second crack at the Premiership.
Dean Mears

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