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Red Devils Redemption?

Tuesday 8th March 2016
It seemed to fans and pundits alike that Louis Van Gaal had started to steady the troubled ship that is Manchester United.

Especially when for the first time “Louis Van Gaals Red Army, Louis Van Gaals Red Army” rang out around Old Trafford against Arsenal.

But with a 1-0 defeat against West Brom the question has to be asked, is this just a blip in the road to redemption or the continuation of a topsy turvy season for United?

Three weeks ago United, giants of Europe and English football lost to FC Midtjylland 2-1.

To many it seemed the rather uninspiring tenure of Louis Van Gall was at an end. As the team put in one of the worst performances ever seen in recent years.

How wrong we were, it's merely survived as a wakeup call to coach and players.

With the team often looking lacklustre and hamstrung by defensive tactics a performance has been hard to come by but has been vehemently demanded from fans.

Still three weeks can be a long time in football and in that time United have had managed to put together four pivotal wins and finally seen a passionate side to the manager.

The revival started against Shrewsbury Town in the FA Cup.

Though United won 3-0 it still seemed a disjointed and uninspired performance. But it served as a confidence booster to the players and bought time for Van Gaal to try and steady the sinking ship.

The second must win match of that week came against FC Midtjylland, a win by at least two goals would guarantee their progression in the competition but once again things did not go smoothly.

In the warmup the talismanic Anthony Martial went down injured leaving no recognisable striker, step forth 18 year old Marchus Rashford to reignite the fire that Old Trafford has sorely been missing.

Scoring twice on his European debut he led United to a 5-1 win on the night and a second win in a week.

Showing maturity beyond his years, the youngster led the line well, providing skill with end product taking his two goals incredibly well and showing a real poachers instinct.

Fans also had the rare pleasure of seeing expensive signing Memphis Depay terrorising defenders, things slowly looked to be clicking as the stifling tactics seemed a thing of the past. A clash with Arsenal at the weekend didn't seem as daunting.

So rolled around Arsenal, with youngster Rashford again the only recognised striker.

No disrespect to Shrewsbury or FC Midtjylland but this was the real testing game, a test Van Gaals men passed with flying colours.

Winning 3-2 on the day, with the young Rashford scoring another two goals to take his tally to four in two games. An unbelievable feat and record the youngster will not quickly forget.

This was a Van Gaal side playing with speed, aggression and passion.

Something we're not used to seeing from the normally languid Van Gaal who to exercise how the Arsenal players were diving through himself at the feet of the fourth official. Which broke the Old Trafford faithful into a song of support for their manager.

United were able to follow this win, with another result against Watford, things were finally starting to look rosy.

Yet once again things change so quickly in football and after appearing to have turned the corner a dogged and determined West Brom inflicted United's Eighth defeat of season.

Redemption? Perhaps not.
Phill Inman
I'm 23 years old and followed football all my life. Still waiting for my talent and prowess to get spotted on the pitch, until that happens I hope you enjoy reading my articles.

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