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Who could replace Arsene Wenger: The Outsiders

Thursday 23rd February 2017
With the media circling around Arsene Wenger like a wake of vultures waiting patiently for the club to react to the club's indifferent form; seemingly every journalist has put forward their suggestions as to who should take over from this legend of the game – I thought I'd join the party and put forward some more ‘alternative' suggestions.

Michael Laudrup

Who doesn't miss the suave figure of Laudrup in the Premier League? Hailed as one of the greatest Scandinavian players of all time; Laudrup's managerial career hasn't quite gone as well as his time on the pitch and the Dane finds himself managing Al-Rayyan SC in Qatar after his failed stint at Swansea City.

If you look at how Laudrup has always set his teams out; it's very similar to Wenger's more compact style and Swansea played some of their most impressive football under him. He has the debonair look and swagger that Arsenal want, combined with a wealth of exciting, attacking football experience – he should be at least considered for the role.

Roberto Martinez

Labelled by many as the ‘man who got Wigan relegated'; Martinez played in England and Scotland for the better part of 12 years and understands the English Football League as well as any domestic manager or foreign import ever could.

His time at Swansea City was one of the club's most successful periods in recent times and he even won the FA Cup with Wigan despite also suffering relegation with victory over Manchester City.

Martinez now manages the Belgium national side after an ill-fated spell at Everton and is building his career once again. He has the quality of player in the Belgium side that he needs to play his intelligent football – another major candidate for the Arsenal job should it come available but Martinez will need investment from the club both in himself and financially to build his team.

Didier Deschamps

If you're going to discuss French managers for the heavily French influenced Arsenal; look no further than the French national manager Deschamps. There could even be a swap on the cards with Wenger taking the reins for Les Bleus and Deschamps having a crack at the Premier League in his stead.

Though unlikely; it would make perfect sense for both parties. Wenger deserves a chance at international management and Deschamps would bring a certain arrogance to the Premier League that would rival Messrs Mourinho, Klopp and Guardiola.

Pep Guardiola

Speaking of the Manchester City boss; didn't we all think the club he would've been most at home at in the Premier League would've been Arsenal? Impressive academy and reliance on youth, no real need to spend money and tactically dependent on possession football…?

Mourinho made the bold decision to take on the Man Utd job despite his lengthy affiliation with Chelsea so why not Guardiola? Maybe not directly after Wenger but definitely at some point in the future.

Any Former Arsenal Player

To see someone like Robert Pires, Patrick Viera or even Dennis Bergkamp take over at Arsenal would give fans goosebumps as one of their heroes arrives like a knight in shining armour.

However; bringing in a former player as a manager rarely pays off for clubs. Newcastle United tried it with Kevin Keegan and Alan Shearer, Liverpool with Graeme Souness and Kenny Dalglish (twice) and Man Utd even let Ryan Giggs have a go for a few games – it doesn't work for long, if at all.
Kristian Webb
A Manchester United fan who actually knows where Manchester is; I'm the chief writer for AccumulatorTips, ForzaSwansea and a contributor to WhatCulture's video game section. I'm a professional proofreader, content author and SEO Expert but that doesn't mean there won't be the odd grammatical error!

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